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It’s Bow and Arrow Time!!!
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20 Responses

  1. Lord Max says:

    bowball shot

  2. jimmy perez says:

    Rainbow over the tree shot

  3. Vincent Vernieres says:

    Wow ! That’s amazi…. oH no it’s a compound…
    For compound you don’t need skills
    Do it with a long bow or just even with a recurve bow and we can talk. But
    this ain’t skill.

  4. Braden Greene says:

    Neme the shot the giving tree

  5. Alex Needham says:

    Call that shot at 2:15 the “Tree Pointer”

  6. Micoz Sumalde says:

    1:36 look at the block thing, obviously not there first shot

  7. Taurruus says:

    How many takes per shot?

  8. martijnboot10 says:

    Name for the shot: The Archers Grenade

  9. Sam Hull says:

    One of the best vids u made

  10. James Lane says:

    I’m pretty sure I cud do all this! I have experience in this kinda stuff.
    My archery in Skyrim was unbelievable!

  11. Lore Nzo says:

    it’s cool to have tons of money uh

  12. stalkerlohh says:

    aint impressed…do this with a normal long bow, without all the fancy
    stuff…also, so what that you did your tricks…anyone can do it if the
    have enough time.

  13. James Lee says:


  14. Marcus Opheim says:

    The angry birds shot

  15. Jennifer R says:

    The Bo Jackson

  16. Andrei Dinu says:

    Lease do more!!!

  17. Brendan Haberlin says:

    I don’t mean to be a hater but the egg shot Is probably fake 

  18. Andrea Luzi says:

    I invite you to check my cover guys 🙂
    I’m a singer :)

  19. bojacksonknows says:


  20. Ubiadullah Shahazd says:

    Bowsket Shot!