Are Bunch O Balloons Really Worth The Money?

Are Bunch O Balloons Really Worth The Money?

Shonduras Slip & Slide Kickball:

These toys are way overpriced IMO, but here’s an affiliate link in case you want some anyway:

The Shonduras Channel:

What’s Inside:

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Endcard Links:

SkyBlaster Slingshot:
Soda-Tab Chains:
Sky Balls:
Water Balloon Cannon:

Music by TheFatRat (“Never Be Alonel”)
Licenced by Tasty


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20 Responses

  1. Reddragoboy 21 says:

    if you pull off the rubber band or and hold the neck of the ballon till you
    throw it will 9/10 pop on inpact but will spray water as it goes through
    the air so like a water grenade!:D

  2. Isaiah Awesomeness says:

    Today I used them and hit it with a tennis racket and dining break

  3. TheChocoBoy says:

    Anyone else play Pokémon go?

  4. Ap0Kal1ps3 says:

    I always preferred the “water grenades” balloons. They take longer to fill
    because they only come with a hose applicator, but they’re more reliable to

  5. Minh Nguyễn says:

    Why don’t you try the Hendo hoverboard?

  6. Amani Parker says:

    They only work when you throw them hard enough

  7. Harrie Nak says:

    Wish the what’s inside kid got headshotted

  8. Leroy Taulbee says:

    why would you want to pay what they want for that when you can go by his
    house and I’m for a dollar 99

  9. Catalyst - Agario says:


  10. Vladislav Dracula says:

    Yes, fast moving water and H.264 480p. Great combination.

  11. Dianne Tozer says:

    There 3:50 in Australia

  12. iiBlazerX says:

    I’m calling the cops for balloon abuse

  13. Echo Young says:

    Hey you should make a cap cam a waterproof camera on a hat. make it
    washable as well

  14. SIRLagalot007 says:

    Bruh his wife’s arm

  15. Skaercro says:

    Do all these guys just happen to live in the same area?… Cause if so that
    is crazy — small world!

  16. Youtbey TipsandTricks says:

    Man, I remember building the paper speaker using your tut. Long time I
    haven’t seen your content on my recommendations. Nice vid

  17. VK GAMING says:

    Wattup Cuz

  18. Salami Man says:

    Grant the type of guy to wear pants in the middle of the summer

  19. Wicked says:

    what’s inside is so cancerous.

  20. LlamaTUBE says:

    Imagine getting hit in the face with one of those.