Are Goats OP?

Are Goats OP?

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Why cuttlefish have wonky eyes:

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71 Responses

  1. Shep says:

    “If you’re an herbivore character and get beat by your prey, you should probably switch mains”

    Take note a filthy sheep mains.

  2. Demetra Economou says:

    Well yes , but actually no .
    This video in a nutshell

  3. A Commenter says:

    Abilities: Climbing, horizontal pupils, cranial cushion, skull bash
    Domestic Sheep: INT 15, PWR 57, DEF 63, MBL 55, HP 60, STL 20

  4. 1Way Road says:

    With enough Red Orbs, a Goat can actually learn Real Impact.

  5. Kvothe The Bloodless says:

    tbh I don’t think you could ever run out of idea with this game.

    • Fredrik Opoku says:

      pug_master i loved that show

    • Edgar Garcia says:

      meh, it’s getting a bit stale nowadays, at least for human characters. endgame is just grind, grind, grind.

    • Samuel Zuccati says:

      +Edgar Garcia Human players are just garbage

    • Kvothe The Bloodless says:

      +Edgar Garcia thats not the devs fault tho. thats just the human meta. If you wanted to you could go live in the forest. one thing I’ve seen is when some human players get sick of the current meta they join a fringe faction just make things interesting. This is known as extremism. Careful tho, the Clan you are currently in will try and get you if you don this.

    • Andi Decke says:

      I hope so, gotta kill time until daddy Pat releases doors of stone in 2054

  6. StarSilverInfinity says:

    Achievement Unlocked
    “Between a bush and a thorny place”

    -Play a herbivor and get ensnared by your own food

  7. Peter Ma says:

    Got to say, this video is exceptionally high quality. Maybe I’m just mesmerized by the goat gifs. Didn’t know skull bash needed a stance change , no wonder I could never do it.

  8. Ky says:

    Well, the ‘goats’ stategy in Overwatch was pretty powerful, but it’s no longer as stro-

    Oh wait. The animal. *Right.*

  9. setk says:

    Ah, this is the goats meta I’ve heard so much about.

  10. Hyperium Vortex says:

    Still waiting on a wild boar video. Those guys gotta be mid-top tier

  11. Big Fudge says:

    Goats is great and everything but I usually only get 5 Dps on my team…

    oh, wait, wrong video…

  12. Who invited this guy? says:

    **Flashbacks of Goat Simulator**

    nah, goats are perfectly balanced

  13. Sinan Kement says:

    TierZoo: Are humans OP?

    Also TierZoo: Are goats OP?

    I’d vote for goats.

  14. Doctor Jones says:

    Me: awe look at the cute little goaty boi falling off the lawn chair

  15. porras says:

    You should do a video on modding. I think that the community made builds using genetic modification could be an interesting video.

    • Benjamin Miller says:

      The modding tools are still really basic and hard to use right now. Right now we can change some numbers, swap out some materials for others, and make cosmetic changes pretty easily. But anything more complex requires huge amounts of effort and research. *EDIT* Oh and breaking things is pretty easy (and somtimes useful) like the myostatin limit removal hack.

    • Dominick Perez says:

      Modding is really difficult. You can find some glitches in the “off planet” area in game, but only human users have seen what’s beyond the main servers. Modding is so complex and difficult that unless you’re a highly advanced human main.

  16. GhostyAzere says:

    Black Ops 2 soundtrack plays..
    *Flashbacks to all the connection errors*

  17. Victor Dennis says:

    “Are Goats OP?” According to Goat Simulator, YES.

    Also I still find it ridiculous that changing the FOV requires certain builds and characters, instead of being a regular option.

    • stylesrj says:

      Well some builds don’t even have FOV… you gotta use other methods to navigate.

    • Rage Against The Hygiene says:

      If FOV was player selectable it would unbalance the whole game. The binocular vision/FOV tradeoff is fundamental in balancing predators and prey.

  18. 1 007 says:

    You forgot to mention they can live in most climates/servers and eat almost everything

  19. SpikeyDemon SD says:

    Idk how feinting goats havent been trashed due to the worst defense strat ive ever seen

  20. UncleBibby47 says:

    you didn’t even mention how OP goat stomach acid is

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