Are Parrots OP?

Are Parrots OP?

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75 Responses

  1. Mxinnamon says:

    “intelligence build”

    *stares at my budgie*

    well yes but actually no

    • Edward Nygma says:

      God damn it, I read this as bulge and was confused to say the least.

    • Seeme says:

      Budgies are smart tho go see disco the budgie

    • Jet Addict says:

      Cockatiels are also very smart for their size

    • BudgieGryphon says:

      Budgies have a wide intelligence spectrum.
      Rio and Piper can locate cage escape routes and recognize when the human eating times(and extra bird treat times) are, while Jade tried to mate with his own reflection.
      These guys are siblings.

    • Square Root says:

      @Incognito Oh, okay, cause budgies are really smart 🙂 my budgie is one clever troublemaker

  2. Zayne Isgett says:

    Me: pfff corbids are waaay better than parrots
    Tierzoo: *makes a ton of good points about parrot utilization of intelligence*
    Me: ok, you win, but I’m not happy about it

    • dyscea says:

      Yeah, team corvid here

    • Lyre Paradox says:

      @Nef36 There’s always the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Psittacus banksii)

    • mortaché de muerte says:

      @Zayne Isgett parrots are colorful, whereas corvids are everywhere and commonly associated with garbage and carrion so their “wow” factor isn’t as high. Besides parrots are quite suited to the cages since they can climb and make better use of the perches. But to keep a crow happy you gotta make a huge aviary since they can only use their feet for standing. But i actually love the deep voices of ravens when they learn to talk.

    • mortaché de muerte says:

      @*** ECHO ORION JOY *** my tiny parrotlet opened her cage door once, flew straight to me and landed on my head. Since then i made sure the gates are heavy enough that she can’t lift it.

    • Nais says:

      corvids are more intelligent, but lack the parrot claws mobility, pretty much it

  3. spiralstaircaserinhocerosbeetledesolationrowfigtar says:

    Ok so basically

    Most birds: Peck, Bite

    Parrots: *Crush Grip, Hyper Voice*

  4. mjmichaelpets says:

    Them: so what kind of god do you believe in?

    Me: the devs

  5. HYDRA BEAST says:

    Anti poacher guy: hey stop trying to take and kill those parrots

    Me: I’m not I just need em for my party

    • TheBertMan says:

      Aww I thought we were having a parrot party

    • TierZoo says:

      @Redfield MC FYI the guy in that clip is actually a worker at a wildlife rehabilitation center, moving the parrot our of its cage so it can be brought back into the wild 🙂

    • R. V. Datmir says:

      @TheBertMan I am having a Parrot party to fundraise to bring The Parrot bistro back to Gettysburg.

    • PresidentialWinner says:

      @TierZoo But the fact that you mentioned (The fact that human players take em for unreasonable reasons) is kind of depressing. Maybe we’ll evolve to a better class.

    • iadtag says:

      @PresidentialWinner a lot of human players’ gameplay is so depressing. You know, there is such a minority that are a bunch griefers and cheaters. devs are probably making the game harder now by incorporating new game updates as mentioned in 7:13

  6. MrSamulai says:

    Virgin pet owner: *gets a new pet*
    Chad TierZoo: *acquires a party member*

  7. Liam Kinsella says:

    Person: My life is a movie

    Tierzoo: My life is a videogame

  8. Cthulu TheSpy says:

    “To bring in reinforcements to drive away an enemy player with sonic attacks”
    Oh, so parrots are basically the Knights Who Say Ni, then?

  9. Kyle Thomas says:

    I remember coming across someone saying their pet would outlive them, and it wasn’t a turtle.

    Parrot lifespan is legit.

  10. BlaBlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla says:

    “roughly as loud as a gunshot” this must be some kind of american measurement, here in europe we measure in screaming russians in csgo

  11. photosinensis says:

    One thing I keep thinking about Outside is, “If you can play a therapod, play a therapod.” It’s true regardless of patch set.

    Parrots are OP because they’re therapods, and therapods are OP. Always have been.

  12. DraKaleel 18 says:

    “Parrots are highly adaptable”
    Me being called an idiot by a parrot
    “Yup they know how to deal psychological damage”

    • Joel Kuzich says:

      Parrot: I cast Vicious Mockery, I need a wisdom saving throw to stop 1d4 emotional damage

    • Kufisk Nielsen says:

      I would have been careful griefing to much with builds, since you may get banned

    • mario cat says:

      Insult: a really unique atrack type that is mostly being used by users with same main as you

      Insult requires communication and pardots are one of few who can do it

      It gives you phschological damage and has an effect of offense

      Insult damage can go from funny to rude and more offense effect it has more damage it does

      The insult damage is critical if you use true insult in right time like calling a player fat sometimes can deal more damage than ****

    • Coolm4n 06 says:

      It’s super effective!

    • Damien S says:

      don’t forget you can always report toxic player to the game moderation independently of their classes

  13. ThatOneNathan says:

    “They’re able to evade pretty much any ground based attack”

    Pokémon intensifies

    • TheCozmicRay874 says:

      well we know thats no true since earth power can hit some flying types

    • Fake Dude says:

      TheCozmicRay874 no

    • Jamon says:

      @TheCozmicRay874A ground move like earth power can never hit a flying type unless the effect of gravity is active, the flying type is faster and used roost, removing its flying typing for the rest of the turn or if the flying type has previously been hit by the move smack down. The only ground type move that can hit flying types is thousand arrows, one of Zygarde’s signature moves.

  14. Bearded Walrus says:

    I love the little LOTR reference when the parrots are talking.

  15. Wang Minzhi says:

    Pigeon just chill
    Parrot “we don’t do that here”

  16. Spirit004 says:

    “Hey pal, what was the most difficult part of making the build?”
    “Manage to have a stealth stat so low that hiding is usually pointless”

  17. SephirothRyu says:

    Covid: Cough, Fever, Shortness of Breath.
    Corvid: Caw, Feather, Shiny Things.
    *Know the difference!*

    • MasonIsMissing 64 says:

      Thanks for telling me wont mix them up again

    • S K says:

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    • PresidentialWinner says:

      I had to google corvid after he mentioned that. Now i know.

    • Pbperez 210 says:

      5G symptoms

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  18. PinBall Wizard says:

    Normal birds: _Chirp chirp_

    Parrot: _(Cough) (cough)_ *_SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREER—_*

  19. Efadex Ade says:

    The question: Are Parrots OP?

    The answer: 6 minutes and 40 seconds of straight facts.

    I’m down.

  20. Punygeoduck5277 says:

    TierZoo: “Are Parrots OP?”
    My parrot: *Intense annoying whistling while I’m trying to sleep*

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