Are Peter & Madison Still Together? | The Bachelor

Are Peter & Madison Still Together? | The Bachelor

Following the dramatic turn of events, Madison returns for a second chance at love with our Bachelor Peter. Will things work out this time?

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Season: 24 Episode: 12
Bachelor: Peter Weber

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93 Responses

  1. Katie Ilyenko says:

    It’s not cute that he can’t make his mind up😷Hanah Ann dodged this one.

    • Katie Ilyenko says:

      Be Happy always stand up for yourself even if that means going against your mom. That is very toxic. Hope everything works out for you. I’m familiar with controlling and manipulative people it’s the worst!

    • susan clark says:

      I think he was taking the high road knowing that his mother was freaking out and not wanting to go to battle with her.

    • Rochelle A says:


    • Shalom Oyawe says:

      @Be Happy okay if you heard what she said they waited two hours to meet herand she didn’t even apologize I believe for this girl when she asked if she loved him she said no but Hannah was so nice and she loved him but I mean

    • Be Happy says:

      @Shalom Oyawe Chris H explained why Madi took a few hours to meet Peter’s mother. Also, everyone saw in the episode that Madi and Pete were deep in conversation before they went inside to meet the parents.

  2. bri shale says:

    peters parents look like they are at a funeral

  3. Yuki Chii says:

    Literally Barb the entire time: -_-

  4. julia says:

    this is so awkward

  5. HighWay 2Life says:

    The mom is not happy at all. She looks like she would be a mother in law from hell.

  6. Janet Vogel says:

    The world will be better off when they can agree that we are all powerless over who loves us and who we love.

  7. centigradz says:

    The mom shudn’t have got into his mind. If she hadn’t he wouldn’t have proposed to Hannah Ann and would have walked away. Colton did the mature thing and stopped leading the other two on.

  8. madina Noor says:

    Barbara’s face says it all. She’s probably saying in her mind shut up madi.

    • Thai says:

      @Tyna D’Arco Yes, so true. Maddie was kind and had real self-control.

    • Tatiacha says:

      Madi told his mom she was not in love and would not accept a proposal how would nay mother feel about that?

    • cmagee28029 says:

      @Queen Debbie Narcissist

    • Sonia Downey says:

      She is

    • LikesandLoves says:

      @Tatiacha She was honest and has standards. Who would be comfortable accepting a proposal after the person you loved slept with someone a week before? I know it’s the bachelor, but it doesn’t mean you have to sleep around. Colton did not. If you love someone, you wouldn’t want to sleep with anyone else.

  9. Carolina Gonzalez says:

    Let’s take it one step at a time = No 🙄🙄🙄 madi please … ditch this man “ do you want to give this relationship a real shot? Is a yes or no question !!! His answer is from a man doesn’t know what the hell he wants which can equal a heart break ….

    • Marie Mary says:

      No no no no. Stop playing puppy love. Y all are not mature and not ready to be in a marriage covenant

    • Nancy says:

      Actually taking things realistically, slowly, and one step at a time is the way mature couples do things in the real world to hello decide if things are going to work out and last. Otherwise you are just making life changing decisions from the euphoric “honeymoon stage” which isn’t usually a good thing to do. Sometimes it works out but as we’ve seen from so many couples that is usually the exception to the rule. Usually you date and get to know each other before you decide to get engaged. That’s what taking things one step at a time means.

    • EpicEpidemic says:

      I honestly think this (for him) is a journey of breaking free from a mother’s control…and he’s doing that for the first time…and as he breaks free, Madi is strong enough to stand by his side–if she loves him enough to take the backlash from an unhealthy mom.
      But Peter’s “close” family is no longer a thing. That’s gone–and good riddance! It was unhealthy closeness.

    • Amy Jones says:

      When Madison told him that she wouldn’t want to be with him if he slept with the other women, he didn’t love her enough to not do it. But after he starts pleading with her to forgive him. Hannah was right to categorize him as selfish. He cares more about what he desires than about Madison’s values.

    • Melissa Williams says:

      Carolina Gonzalez agreed

  10. cloudburstlia456 says:

    This feels forced from producers 😔😔😔

  11. NJOONFAIRY says:

    i feel like pete isn’t into her anymore

  12. Gabi Rivera Crespo says:

    So he pulled Jarie

    Jarie(a Jason and Arie)

  13. daisy v says:

    The thanksgiving dinner is gonna be superrrr awkward LOL

  14. BlackQUEEN• 7 says:

    Madi has two options .
    1. Work something out with the mother.
    2. Run.
    I think option 2 is better

  15. Deborah Battel says:

    He doesn’t seem sure about her, at all.

  16. Wendy Steinberg says:

    This is not the face of a Man Truly in LOVE…I feel bad for him and his confusion or pressure to make good TV

  17. Devin Ybarra says:

    So he broke off his engagement with Hannah Ann because he’s supposedly in love with Madison, but then when he’s asked if he really is in love with her, he hesitates. lol what

    • lilie lee says:

      Yea like wth

    • U2T Handy says:

      If you have a possessive mom and she is the same room watching you with her mad eyes, answering questions about your unapproved love, you will react as nervous as him.

    • cmagee28029 says:

      Scared of the mother, family’s disapproval. He has to Man Up, Speak for himself and stick with it!!!

    • Jeff-Chrissy Harris says:

      Possibly awkward due to his mom and ashamed for leading Hannah ann on.

    • Claudia Gomez says:

      ** Correction: Hannah broke off their engagement. **Chris Harrison played matchmaker. He went to look for Maddison. Everyone else made the decisions for him. He’s not sitting next to Madison because he decided so. Lame.

  18. Tali Alba Blue says:

    I only see now. He is lying. He took long to answer. His face twitched. Something feels off.

    • Filipino-American Family says:

      It’s the producer…just like almost every finale, to make the people watching at the edge of their seats. They both know what’s going on in their relationship off camera

    • CL C says:

      Because of his mom

  19. Katie Jones says:

    What is his mother’s deal? She needs to let her son make adult decisions and stay out of it!

  20. ImOnTheWrongVideo says:

    Did he REALLY just say Lebron isn’t a real Laker? Dang, we got some drama up on here folks! I can see why this is trending.

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