Are Sore Muscles Growing?

Are Sore Muscles Growing?

You hit the gym for the first time forever and now you can barely move… that means you’re getting totally ripped, right? Maybe! Find out on this week’s QQ!

Hosted by: Hank Green
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20 Responses

  1. Robin Could says:

    get swole

  2. Anna Bishop says:

    Completely unrelated question: Why is mass eating (Thanksgiving dinners,
    for example) commonly considered to lead to sleepiness but it’s also
    considered harder to fall asleep/sleep restfully if you’ve eaten in the
    last couple hours? It just seems weird and contradictory.

  3. Josh g says:

    Do you even lift Steve?

  4. Meghan McDonnell says:

    New Years? I’ve already broken my Lenten promise. ?

  5. Stephen Delligatti says:


  6. Burgundeh says:

    GAINZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r cul

  7. Aza Weiss says:

    That’sv why I’ve always told them that I hate sports lol
    Thanks by the way 🙂
    Yasmine from Algiers

  8. muhammad hassan says:

    says the skinny guy ?

  9. Mortophobe says:

    Ok but how long until the actual stimulus that signals your muscles to grow
    can by replicated synthetic so your muscles can be toned without exercising
    at all? (and no nasty side effects like in anabolic steroids) I’m not lazy
    I’m just 5oo busy, days are only 24 hours which is too short

  10. Austin Eichman says:

    do you even lift bro?

  11. SuperLlama25 says:

    Sore muscles do not mean muscle gain. Yes, lifting weights is mandatory to
    gain muscle and soreness does indicate that your muscles have been worked
    out, but your diet is what dictates whether you will gain muscle, lose
    weight, or just be a fat pig.

  12. nikanj says:

    Pfft. I bet he doesn’t even lift… He has no airfoils.

  13. Flo Ra says:

    how can women shot in the head at night wake up in the morning and take a
    bath, not aware of it, than open the door to cops?

  14. Maksim says:

    So short episode, I was expecting more facts/info on that subject. But its
    still a good video tho, dont ge me wrong.

  15. Alec Mileman says:

    Can you do an episode on Time Dilation?

  16. Chris Qiao says:

    why does my muscles hurt when i fap for 2 hours straight?

  17. Nathan Zeligman says:

    I’m really happy about seeing scishow more often!! I really do love me some

  18. DjZorlag says:

    Well, this came conveniently. This morning I happened to have the worst
    DOMS:s of the year. Even my sleep was discontinous because my lats were so
    broken and I couldn’t change sleeping position.

  19. Johnny Rei says:

    Here’s how you get totally ripped:
    1. Half of push-up
    2. 3/4 sit-up
    3. Dash of squat + season with bench press
    4. Add dumbell extract and do cardio in pre-heated 210 degree oven for 40

  20. Joel Presland says:

    A few weeks ago you asked us to put forward more questions and I requested
    you did more stuff on exercise science & help dispel some myths. A couple
    weeks later and I see this come up! If it was because of my request, thank
    you!! If it wasn’t, thank you still!

    – A passionate honours student researching hamstring injury prevention &
    long time fan of the show (sci show space too!) from Australia