Are The NBA Finals Already Over? | First Take | June 5, 2017

Are The NBA Finals Already Over? | First Take | June 5, 2017

The First Take crew debates whether or not the NBA Finals are already over based on the Golden State Warriors’ dominance over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2.

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20 Responses

  1. Jorge Romero says:

    I said it before finals started. If Bron/Cavs lose, it will give them a free pass in offseason to recruit top players to join them & balance the scale vs warriors. Clearly KD is the piece warriors need to beat cavs. Kerr said both teams are talented with Durant/curry/klay/dray vs Bron/Kyrie/love… Notice the talent matchup is 4 vs 3. Don’t be surprised if a top 10 player joins cavs this offseason to make the matchup a 4 vs 4. Thanks to KD saying his move was “fair since warriors lost last year”, expect a top player to make the same move to cavs.  BTW I’m a suns fan so don’t get carried away.

  2. Connor says:

    Lebron needs help, he was so tired last night because they couldn’t afford to sub him out, kyrie, Thompson, JR, and korver needs to step up y’all saw what happened without bron

  3. Soji SideQuest says:

    It ain’t over till it’s over. Cleveland going home, they’ll be feeling good. But I don’t believe in bringing up last year, it’s NOT the same Golden State team, & not just because of KD.

  4. kingragnar says:

    sometimes molly is as dumb as a sack of rocks

  5. ProfessorFinesser says:

    This series been over before it started it took
    Steph curry being injured
    Draymond suspension
    Iggy being injured
    Bogut missing games 5-7
    Harrison Barnes missing everything
    Klay playing trash
    Lebron and kyrie going crazy

    Just for the cavs to barely beat the warriors in 7.. now they’ve added the arguably the greatest scorer of all time and everybody on the warriors are healthy

    Warriors in 5. Kd wins fmvp

  6. Toke inFAMXS says:

    If KD gets this ring I dont want to hear anything else about superstars teaming up or “How much help does Lebron need?” A regular team isnt beating this GS team You have to have at least 4 all stars now Lebron will get Melo/CP3/Wade to take paycuts and come to Cleveland and nobody better say a word!

  7. Leroy Green says:

    Warriors will win because Cavs have no answer for KD. 33pts on 59% FG last night… they might sweep.

  8. VT 24 says:

    Just 5 days ago Marcellus Wiley was saying he’d take Kyrie over Steph now he’s crying that if LeBron had Steph he’d avg 40, 20 & 20…IDIOT!!!

  9. Kobe24Lakers says:

    Dirk 1 All-Star beat LeBum’s big 3 now they come with LeXcuses and want more help 😭

  10. Ben Harding says:

    someone tell molly to shut the fuck up

  11. Plutoman says:

    Please, get Will Cain off this show

  12. Mark James says:

    When are these idiots gonna stop talking about last year and Cleveland being here before and realize that KD isn’t Harrison Barnes and last year is irrelevant to this year?

  13. JT and Pin says:

    2-0 is not over but 3-0 will be over.

  14. Filip Djordjevic says:

    Where is my man SAS, when is he coming back?

  15. Andrew Duenas says:

    Fuck the Warriors and fuck the Cavilers I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most boring NBA season I have ever seen. I hope you jerks do not usher in a new era of 4-5 man superstar teams with stacked benches. We have a fucking game dedicated to this shit called the all-star game. I do not want to see a fucking all-star game in the finals.

  16. Von Madden12 says:

    I hate warriors fans so much

  17. Alexander Stolz says:

    who else knows a player who’s been to 7 straight finals but doesn’t get to play in it? #freeJamesJones #LetMyNiggaPlay

  18. Dewlu dewlu says:

    Kevin Durant finesse his way to da championship …..petty ass nigga now u gone look like one them bitch nigga who wear real jewelry but it look fake cuz u did some fake shit …..dull Ass dude

  19. The FPV Life says:

    I will never respect KD for riding the prolific GS coattails.

  20. ESPN says:

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