Are There Lost Alien Civilizations in Our Past?

Are There Lost Alien Civilizations in Our Past?

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Ger inspired by Science – Learn about the history of life and dream of utopian civilizations.
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When we think about alien civilizations we tend to look into the vastness of space, to far away planets. But there is another incredibly vast dimension that we might be giving too little thought to: time.
Could it be that over the last hundreds of millions of years, other civilizations existed on earth? Indigenous technological species that rose and died out? And that they or their artifacts are buried beneath our feet? What does science have to say about this and what are the implications for us?

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32 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Go to for an exclusive deal for our viewers. It’s risk free with NordVPN’s 30 day money back guarantee.

    • Tom Cattanach says:



      excuse my ignorance but there would be a possibility that there is intelligent life and a civilization in the depths of the sea, if the whale and dolphin were mammals that adapted to the sea, there would be no probability that a hominid would have done the same and adapted to the sea It would be great to see a video like this! Your videos are the best

    • CarrotSword Gaming says:

      Was that a JoJo reference?!

    • srisri family says:

      @Outlaws for life probably not I’m not sure

    • GREECEPOWER FB says:

      Can you please do a video about how plannets like earth are created

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Leave it to this channel to always have the most well researched fascinating topics. Mad respect for their consistency.

  3. gIt gUd nOoBs says:

    “Just assuming something happened, because we don’t have evidence against it, is a trap we should avoid.”

    This is my favorite quote from this video.

  4. Ryan Kenniff says:

    I like that this thought experiment did a lot to address the challenges of bias in case studies, even without being explicit to the topic. A lot of assumptions (e.g.what to study) are not beneficial to empirical investigation, but turning an assumption into a valid hypothesis for study is simply scientific. Wie immer, danke schön Kurzgesagt <3

  5. Rage Winterchill says:

    My favorite lovecraft stories were always the ones that dealt with ancient non-human civilizations on earth that existed millions of years ago. It really sparks the imagination to wonder about all the things that could’ve happened in the millions of years that we werent around, and also what horrible things couldve possibly brought an end to those civilizations.

  6. After Skool says:

    I’m thrilled to see this topic on Kurzgesagt. The more we understand our past, the more we can understand who we are on the deepest level.

  7. SniperMoose says:

    They really take quality over content to heart. The production value and research that goes into each and every one of these videos is absolutely amazing! Keep it up Kurzgesagt

  8. Christopher Molitor says:

    It’s definitely good to note the genetic progression that led to our own incredible intelligence. It’s hard to estimate the probability of our specific brain mutations that have given us the opportunity to progress so rapidly but it would be key to recognizing how other organisms might come to the same complexity.

  9. Deconverted Man says:

    “We shouldn’t use our imagination to trick ourselves into thinking we know anything about our blind spots.
    Just assuming anything happened because we don’t have evidence against it, is a trap we should avoid.”

    Well said!

    • AlbertaGeek says:

      @faith in his blood Take your superstitious nonsense elsewhere.

    • Mister Anonymous says:

      @Deconverted Man IRONIC

    • Deconverted Man says:

      @faith in his blood exactly what nonsense are you spewing here – none of that has anything to do with the video, the quote, or anything else. this is so incoherent. so detached from reality that I think you are a bot – programed to spam channels with rot

    • Alternate World says:

      @faith in his blood ironic

  10. VlaDDrakkeN says:

    It really is something many people don’t realize is just how old the earth is in comparison to us. We are, in the grand scheme of time, a young thing. I even told my friend that there could of been civilizations before humans and the only reason we don’t know of them is cause virtually little survived that showed they existed. While its purely speculation, its a fun idea to ponder.

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