Are We About To See Something We Haven’t Seen In Two Decades?

Are We About To See Something We Haven’t Seen In Two Decades?

Are We About To See Something We Haven’t Seen In Two Decades?
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54 Responses

  1. Azteca says:

    We paid off our house!!!!!!!!

  2. MaJieMao says:

    Built my house 2017 for 180k, just appraised for 280k.

  3. FaintAura says:

    The everything bubble, courtesy of your friends at the Federal Reserve and their easy money policies.

    • Pete Kimble says:

      This doesn’t explain why there is a housing crisis outside the USA. There is no Federal Reserve outside the USA and they are having the same problems. Dave had to get in a dig with Reagan and his voodoo economics, but couldn’t name a specific policy that helped.

    • M S says:

      @MrPland1992 a base no option 2021 Silverado is $33k. I get your point but it’s not that drastic lol.

    • bliglum says:

      @Pete Kimble Very good point.

    • Randall H. says:

      Exactly! And all we hear on the news is how America is struggling. If there were so many broke people out there they wouldn’t be buying houses and cars right now.

    • MACHINE STATS says:

      It’s from gov backed loans.

  4. Genologic says:

    My average grocery bill in 2019 was $180…now it’s $270. Inflation is killing us already. My wage is stagnant though.

  5. TR0LLREIGN says:

    A key point was not mentioned: Smart money (companies and rich people, both US and foreign) are buying up real estate, paying cash above asking price. They want to store their money in something that will hold its value as they expect inflation and further crisis.

  6. TheCbone1979 says:

    It gets bad when rice and beans goes to double the price

  7. Steven He says:

    Big fan of your channel Dave. Thank you for sharing your wisdom ❤️

  8. Bryan B says:

    Person who sells their house: Whoohoo! Just sold my house for twice what I paid for it!
    Same person who then goes to buy a house: Why do houses cost twice what they’re worth?!

  9. qdllc says:

    It’s also people fleeing the cities to get away from the insanity.

  10. whoisB says:

    This is probably part of the reason the rent for apartments in my area have skyrocketed now

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