Are We Making Things Worse?

Are We Making Things Worse?


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So, look, I never want to complain about the situation I am in, because it is so so wonderful. But having a platform means that I never really know how much I should be using it to affect change, or what the most effective strategies for that would be. If I did a third of the things I had ideas for, it would be too much, and yet I am always left feeling like I’m not doing enough.

And, let’s be honest, I don’t know the best path forward…I’m a video blogger. But I do want to act for the things that I believe in.

And I also want to do my best to do that without attacking the people who disagree with me. I know that’s a little controversial in these days of Nazi punching, but it’s way too easy to imagine that every person who likes Donald Trump is the same as Milo and Richard Spencer and they’re just not.

Some of them are terrible, absolutely, but 50% of Americans still approve of the job he’s doing and I’m not ready to write off those people. And I think treating them like a monolithic block of racist scumbags does a lot more harm than good.

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19 Responses

  1. William Warren says:

    Would be mega interested to hear any reasoned arguments from Trump voters
    for the travel ban. Not being passive aggressive I really would.

  2. PyrosaurusRex says:

    America is a country of immigrants, and should be a place of diversity.
    This includes opinions. I would gladly listen to your opinion and have a
    wonderful conversation with you about them. Whether or not I agree with

  3. Andrea Breckenridge says:

    I feel the same way as you. Everyone in my family is a Republican, but I’m
    not. They always think I am trying to argue with them, but I am just trying
    to have effective discourse. I wish they could understand.

  4. Aa Campbell says:

    Do a video denouncing political violence.

  5. Naveen says:

    I come from an immigrant family. There’s nothing racist or hateful in
    pausing the system to fix vetting. Open borders liberals are destroying
    this country

  6. PlainSailingWeather says:

    I’m sorry but we can’t make a difference, take the women’s march for
    example, tell me, in the end what did that achieve? Trump still passed that
    abortion bill. He’s the type of man that will only listen to himself,
    you’re all wasting your time. Suck it up and deal with it for the 4 years,
    that’s democracy. You lost.
    What a lot of people don’t understand is that Hillary was just as bad a
    candidate as Trump, she’s no fucking angel here to save the masses.

  7. Onerandom Nerdygirl says:

    As a conservative and a nerdfighter I don’t think anyone is being run off
    by you or john. It’s just a hard to talk about these things because they
    are complicated. But human rights should not be complicated and people need
    to be kind and admit that they don’t know everything. No person is going to
    be right 100% of the time. I am glad that I get to watch your videos
    because a new point of view is always helpful.

  8. MapIestrip says:

    The camera was annoying me in this one. The artwork is absolutely beautiful.

    I’m fairly worried about the echo chamber effect. It’s what makes political
    discourse on Tumblr, for instance, feel entirely meaningless. What might be
    more valuable than anything is actually discussing *how* to make change,
    even regardless of political beliefs. ViHart’s “Let Me Convince You To Take
    Action”, for instance, really hit me hard. I think many people, if not
    nearly all people, who watch a channel like Vlogbrothers or Liberal Redneck
    or whatever such channel, are likely to already have beliefs that line up
    with what you are out to communicate.

    Of course, echoing people’s beliefs back to them can also be important.
    It’s an, uhm, complex issue, and a balance to strike ^_^

  9. Why you gotta go there says:

    In the 1930’s Jews were Refugees.
    – The majority of American people said they don’t want to accept Jewish
    Why? There is a danger with them keep them away. How did that turn out?

    The internment of Japanese Americans in the United States.
    – Majority of Americans said yes to it.
    Why? There is a danger with them keep them away. How did that turn out?

    Today? New polls. The majority of Americans said they are fine with the
    refugee and country ban. 49 percent for, 41 percent against, and 10 percent
    not sure. And what is the reason again? That there is a danger with them.
    To those of you who support this ban please do tell me how you the bigot of
    this time in history are actually in the right, and how when you judge
    millions(or even one point six billion people) you do it like an
    intellectual and not just a broad brush painting bigot. The best part? Bush
    invades, Obama keeps bombing, and now the guy that has said in Fox
    interviews “When you take out these terrorists you also have to take out
    their families” is in charge. So pretty much more killing, and less
    empathy. By the way he has kept that promise as on his first military
    action ten innocent women and children died. One of which was an eight year
    old girl.

    So If you are someone who supports this just please do me one favor and
    stop with the whole “My amazing western values are the reason i can’t
    accept those evil Muslims.” Your values are that you are fine with bombing
    people if they don’t share a country and or fate with you, because you
    support someone that said he would do that, and who now does that, and then
    you will also refuse refuge to those who are being bombed by the person you
    elected. These are your values. To the rest of the people in America who
    still remember what it says on the statue of Liberty please keep your
    voices loud, and stand up. Peace to you guys.

  10. flioink says:

    “Irrational fears” you say?
    I bet you haven’t lived near heavily muslim populated areas.
    Posting platitudes without addressing the real dangers of islam won’t get
    you anywhere.
    On Global Warming : keeping regulations is useless if China and India(and
    others) are not participating.

  11. TheRobstargames says:

    SJWs can make things worse by being unreasonable.

  12. taibhsear71 says:

    So if I want a swastika cake, you’d be fine with that? I find that when
    liberals want something it’s freedom but when someone wants to go against
    the victim narrative it erupts into violence. The tolerant left is only
    tolerant of views they support. Personally, I don’t think anyone should
    have to service any customer they don’t want to. It’s called liberty.
    Besides, I wouldn’t want to eat a gay wedding made by an antigay activist
    anymore more than I would want to eat a swastika cake made by a Jewish
    bakery. I’d just assume it was made poorly in protest.

  13. miniUsername says:

    Hey Hank
    If you don’t want to go deeper into echochamber yourself and drag your
    community with you, consider publicly talking to people you will disagree

    I recommend Sargon of Akkad, I think he would agree to do a stream with
    you. He supports Trump over Hillary, you can start by discussing recent
    immigration ban.

  14. Mike Mac says:

    You do you. You can be a hard liberal, I won’t unsub just for that.

    And BTW, most political wings believed in getting the government out of

  15. MayFlower Ann says:

    Here’s a reason to not accept Muslim immigrants in large numbers. Islam is
    a dangerous ideology. Just like Social Justice and Feminism.

  16. Lydia Kilmer says:

    Please, please, can we have a list of the local organizations you mention?
    I can’t afford to donate right now, but I really really want to volunteer.

  17. Maksym Cronin says:

    Threat to liberal democracy? The leftists are the ones trying to shut down
    their opponents through violence.

  18. Maren Rehberg says:

    I haven’t heard about local agencies no longer receiving federal aid
    because of the executive order. I did a google search and read the actual
    order. Can you show me where it says that federal aid is being dropped for
    immigrants in the US?

  19. GuyWithAnAmazingHat says:

    Non American here, just going to say that people outside of America is
    seriously thinking that America is going to tear itself apart.