Are we ready to get married?

Are we ready to get married?


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67 Responses

  1. Random Vids ! says:

    I freaken looked at my wrist, noooo i feel tricked😂

  2. KoiFlow says:

    felix is a soyboy

  3. Derivance K says:

    others: “infinity war is the most anticipated thing for years”
    me (an intellectual) :

  4. Pro Strike says:


  5. A SPIN WITH FIN says:

    I looked at my wrist 😂

  6. ARCHI says:

    *Где субтитры СУКА БЛЯТЬ!?*

  7. Jack Ds says:

    They are aproved – this boy sitting in front of old PC

  8. Big Poe says:

    *D I V O R C E D*

  9. Elemina says:

    I feel like a proud parent

  10. OverlyDaa says:

    Love from indiaa❤❤

  11. kami Sama says:

    your girl’s voice is the spoiler

  12. Matt Coates says:

    Well I just started believing in love again..

  13. MrKingDice says:

    Meanwhile MERKMUSIC decides to marry a girl after he chats with her for *one* *month* after meeting her *one* *time*

  14. Ethan says:

    Is this because JacksFilms did it before you and you feel compelled to marry Marzia so you can say you did it before Jack?

    *I mean, congratulations! Haha* 💐

  15. John Kuckian says:

    lord please PROTECT this relationship from the internet!! i am too invested!!!!

  16. Menthols says:

    @11:02 …… MEME REVIEW!

    Oh man I can’t help it at this point. Whenever I’m in a situation either online or IRL and someone does a double clap I impulsively think or say Meme review. You have trained me like Pavlov’s Dog, Felix.

  17. LinaRiver7 says:

    1:58 they agreed to disagree XD Haha cuties

  18. Zane Truesdale says:

    getting married is for soyboys only ALPHA MALES dont get married

    • Anuraag Mor says:

      Zane Truesdale son gon get broke and end up like Swedish cuccboi avicii

    • The completely unsuspicious blank profile says:

      a real alpha male would bend over and have anal sex with himself and nine months later he shits an exact clone of himself out

    • Feminazi Frequency says:

      Nah, only insecure beta males who seek constant female approval don’t get married. Alpha men are not afraid of responsibility, alpha men see it as their duty to lead and provide for a family.

  19. Simme Drimme says:

    Lol i got zero

  20. MANA says:

    C U C K E D

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