Are You Gonna Eat That? (SONG)

Are You Gonna Eat That? (SONG)

Eating off of someone else’s plate is only the beginning.

Good Mythical Morning

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Created by: Rhett & Link
Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Co-Director / Director of Photography / Editor: Benjamin Eck
Producer: Brian Johanson
Music by: Mark Byers
Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
Production Assistant: Chase Hilt
Set Production Assistant: Rick Mader
Locations Manager: Jay Levy
Gaffer: Todd Bishop
Electric: Evan Niedrauer
Electric: Uriel Brito
Grip/Swing: Adrian Estrella
1st AC: Mike Berg
2nd AC: Jesse Ricketts
2nd AC: Kevin Calderon
Production Designer: Mike Pasley
Art Assistant: Sam Thornton
Art Assistant: Meredith Lewis Alden
Art Assistant Deidra Hutchinson
Wardrobe Supervisor: Lindsay Zir
Wardrobe Assistant: Karyn Gabrielson
BTS Shooter/Editor: Leo K. Angelos
Content Manager: Becca Canote

Cast: (In alphabetical order)
Rommel Cassanova
Daniella Giraldo
Aral Gribble
William Guirola
Corey Johnston
Mark Lawrence
Tony Lizaraga
Nora Matz
Mary Roberts
Diane Taren
Sam Thornton
Michael Troughton
Julietta Villatoro
Miriam Malabel Wolf
Rudolph Wolf

Special Thanks to:
Film LA, Inc.
St Francis Xavier Church
Underwood Family Farms
The Bar-B-Que Bar
Produce for Less Market
Aaron Smith
Media Services
Phil’s Animal Rentals LLC
Benay’s Bird and Animal Source
Wooden Nickel

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20 Responses

  1. TheErnstkare says:

    anyone have the lyrics?

  2. Willvbä brownington says:

    Alright lets make this comment section interesting

    say M without touching your lips
    Hop on one foot while flipping a coin and catching it while holding your
    breath and not blinking
    watch 3 or 4 hours of Hentai – Anime actually this one is easy
    say these words and Don’t get tongue tied
    Now try this one
    q – say this really fast

  3. Ninjew PK says:

    yeah this wasnt that great. nice shots but i dont consider it a music video
    when there is only one line. sorry guys. this just isnt quality.

  4. Sam S says:

    Guys, I finally memorized the lyrics!

  5. Sarah Noelke says:

    Did you really go to a restaurant and eat other people’s food?

  6. jamie duckers says:

    One question though

    Are you gonna eat that?

  7. Bad Drivers of Alabama says:

    Sounds like Maroon 5 somewhat. I like it!

  8. Sophia Bee says:

    I’m sure there was plenty of gaging in the process of making this video….
    Poor link. 

  9. مسفر الدوسري says:

    do u want some parmesan with that? 

  10. GhostOf TheDevil says:

    my first video in this channel and may i say……waw

  11. annikennr says:

    haha sounds like maroon 5!!

  12. Dancingqueens101 says:

    Finaaaaalllyyyy thank you!!!!!!!

  13. Famyz Hameem says:

    A true Masterpiece…..!!!!

  14. Greta Brazauskaitė says:

    Sounds like Maroon 5 :D

  15. Lolly Night says:

    Am I seriously the only one who actually really liked this?

  16. emma högström says:

    I liked the part when they siad “Are You Gonna Eat That”

  17. Jogha Ella says:

    I am slightly disturbed, but at the same time amazed.

  18. Ventility Gaming says:

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that Rhett ate a cigarette 

  19. boysrepublic bts says:

    Rhett smokes? …or is it just a prop… If the cigarette is real, he just
    ‘ate’ it for the music video ONCE… right? 

  20. KsNoz says:

    lol, thats it?