Are You Saying These Words Right?

Are You Saying These Words Right?

A NOTE: Some words in this video are commonly misspelled which can cause mispronunciation. For many words there isn’t one unquestionably correct pronunciation, it depends on numerous factors. Dictionaries by Cambridge and Oxford have been consulted to create this video, but please bear in mind that whilst a “correct” pronunciation option has been given, there are lots of cases where other variations are also widely accepted.

Basically don’t get too peeved if the option you use isn’t there – your way could still be correct!

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20 Responses

  1. Tayls_Gamer says:

    I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong way to pronounce words, it
    depends on where you’re from.

  2. jopojopo1 says:

    This is the stupidest video ever buzzfeed
    Don’t take any more ideas from this person
    So bad 

  3. Molly Laforgue says:


  4. Gitanjali Srinivasan says:

    Only pronounced like that in USA. So it doesn’t apply to most people. 

  5. Troubled Films says:

    miscellaneous should’ve been on here though

  6. Ozzy012345 says:

    you did’nt take steak???
    That’s weird
    Many of my friends pronounce it like steek but you know it’s like stake

  7. Maaz says:

    Mischievous wth its mischeeveeous
    You got it wrong
    I want proof

  8. Humaad Raja says:

    I knew all of them, *tears* “I’m so proud of myself!”

  9. Danyka rawr says:

    American and British ppl say stuff differently so..

  10. Kats987124 says:

    Wait, do Americans call Sherbet, what we Britons call Sorbet?
    Sherbet for us is a sweet powder that you dunk a lolly (popsicle) in

  11. ekuadrat says:


  12. Promi Ahmed says:

    WTF!?! It’s lar-vay you illiterate shits.

  13. OllyD@Y says:

    I knew how to pronounce all of these as I was schooled on the UK and not
    dumbass America 

  14. BurnTheMoon says:

    I say cashay idgaf

  15. bookwrm4evr says:

    Dang it bobbi brown for making me pronounce prerogative wrong.. 

  16. vcd1995 says:

    I say toilet like “tol-et” but I’m from the south lmao.

  17. Adi S. says:

    well, this did surprise me. i only had the last one wrong, and i’m a native
    german who often gets told to have a terrible pronounciation o.O

  18. Meikeeee says:

    I always said mis-chee-vous… My life has been a lie :(

  19. LoveMuffin says:

    I’m i’m still saying sher-Bert 

  20. SalientChe says:

    Hay. That’s my name