Are You Smarter Than Average?

Are You Smarter Than Average?

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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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64 Responses

  1. OneandonlY says:

    For every like i get i will bang my head on the door

  2. Lucas 13 says:

    Ok … So you mix social statut difference with intelligence…. If someone do a high school, he is intelligent… Well.. no link. it’s a question of memory and social class and work.

    The problem with that kind of study is that we want to find what we find (big problem in scientist data).
    Actually some people want to find the gene of intelligence like we wanted to find the gene/caracteristique of crimenal in the past. Welcome in the new phrenology : the intelligent characteristics

    bytheway, i’m working in genetic and biochemistry, but it is important to not confound genetic with sociology or with psychology. Intelligence is just a view of our spirit for legitimate winners.
    The only intelligence i know is made by ourself, by our history and our work. And it is multidisciplinary, you may be intelligent in math but suck in creativity, or suck in relationship-inteligence, …
    This video is just a swing of data and study without critical mind or reflexion, nor interdisciplinary reflexion.
    How can you speak of ia complex concept like intelligence only with a scientist logic ?

    • Lucas 13 says:

      Anthony Pelletier my native language isn t english, sorry for speaking an other language than yours.
      If your looking for a definition of intelligence, you will find some difficulties. Some ”smart” people say : intelligence is what i measure, IQ. Well …

    • pikkupoika latexipuvussa says:

      a view of our spirit for legitimate winners? you’re not very familiar with the definition of intelligence, aren’t you? also not having english as your native language is a bad excuse to not speak it grammatically correct

    • dela617 says:

      pikkupoika latexipuvussa “grammartically” criticizing others when you yourself can’t do it correct. Lucas is correct this study is inherently flawed and it completely biased when people are trying to find what they want out of the studies they skew results. There is no data and studies are small sample sizes that show nothing.

  3. Dee Jimenez says:

    There’s some truth, and much of it makes sense based on my personal observations. However, as you have already stated, correlation does not equal causation. The reason that many highly intelligent people , particularly in High School, are virgins is because they’re generally socially awkward and eccentric, while also being viewed as weak and beta.

    Conversely, many of these people also grow up to be highly successful in the future. So, pick your poison.

  4. Music Fruit says:

    Blasphemy! To be fair, I watch rick and morty and finished all 3 seasons in 1 sitting that fulfilled my brain with knowledge. I understand every joke and intellectual statements throughout the series. The vast array of theories soaked into my mind and brain ranging from parallel universe to omniverse which we need chromosomes to move from different dimentions. Im confident I have well above of 300 IQ and would not get such results as “below average” stated in this video. Have it deleted because of blasphemy.

  5. VICTOR ZEET says:

    You know, brain size doesn’t matter..

  6. Sebastian Elytron says:

    If the average person is in fact quite smart, they do an incredible job at hiding it.

  7. SlaughterMeJam boi says:

    Hey I am so smart! Let me type a comment that indicates that without making it seem like I’m doing it for approval and recognition from strangers! Wow don’t you just love being smart xD! Miss me with that shit
    *_T h i n n b o i_*

  8. Suyash Awasthi says:

    Just so you know the studies this video mentions are pure BS. They aren’t peer reviewed and have too small sample size.

    • Ictus says:

      Suyash Awasthi not all of them. There is definite correlation for some of these. The night owl and dark humor parts are pretty much common knowledge at this point.

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      Night owls = great majority of people (want to stay late & hate getting up early)
      Smart people = minority

      Believing the night owl thing is an iq test in itself lol

    • Guybrush Threepwood says:

      Humor. Really, really depends on what you’re laughing at, lol.

      These correlations are all too vague… just waiting to be misinterpreted.

    • margiegrace says:

      Suyash Awasthi – so true! 96 left handed and 96 right handed people without accounting for other variables??

    • B Er says:

      Suyash Awasthi That’s what an idiot would say to make themselves feel better.

  9. Batman McShamwow says:

    *Obligatory post about how I got everything on there*

  10. Kawsar Hussain says:


  11. Help me get 10'000 subs for ad revenue Pls says:

    So I have to be high to have a high IQ?

  12. Sumzz oxo says:

    I’m short I don’t smoke I’m not a leftie I’m not the oldest sibling I don’t take drugs hey ho I got 23/30 in my physics test recently😂💁🏻

  13. Educate Society says:

    Don’t worry if you’re not as intelligent. Most of the successful people you see could have been D- students in school. Just keep working on your skills and always keep learning!

    • Turiq Jahal says:

      C’s get degrees right? I’m not advocating for low grades, I’m just saying that nobody has ever asked my for my college transcript in an interview. Why did I kill myself to graduate with honors. It made absolutely no difference, in fact, I don’t even work in the field of healthcare anymore which was the whole point I attended post secondary for. Life just doesn’t care what your grades are I suppose

    • Shaun Max says:

      Albert Einstein didn’t get D’s while in school, he was actually a straight A student, They gave him D’s due to the transfer between foreign countries But he definitely excelled in academia contrary to popular belief

    • ScienceAIR says:

      Shaun Max if ur interested I make science animation videos

    • B Er says:

      Educate Society That’s what stupid people say in order to not feel bad about themselves, since that’s 1 case in millions.

    • Mike Brown says:

      Lol ur dumb

  14. Arctic Edge says:


  15. Dark-Lark says:

    IQ tests don’t show how smart someone is, they just show how good someone is at taking IQ tests.

  16. Spiral Breeze says:

    That’s exactly why stupid people get angry at Family Guy.

    • Nia Thompson says:

      Wrong. Certain jokes in family guy may qualify for dark humor, but using actual suicide and strokes as a joke isn’t humor because it isn’t hypothetical. They are making fun of a real thing that causss death. But that’s not why it isn’t funny. Older seasons were full of eighties references and only were possibly humorous to those who got it. It barely qualified as a parody and a lot of shit it straight up copying. Now in current episodes Family Guy seeks to shock others and doesn’t provide a whole lot of humor itself. It relies on shitty cutaways that don’t make me grin or smile. Humor is subjective, but most don’t find it funny. Also toilet humor isn’t funny.

    • ThePastyPrince says:

      No its humor! You can make fun of everything or nothing at all. You can’t pick and choose whats okay to be fun of and whats not.

    • Carlos Villa says:

      ThePastyPrince you just schooled her dumb ass😂😂😂😂😂

    • Hayden Hancock says:

      How? He provided no insight while she provided her full opinion

    • ScienceAIR says:

      Hayden Hancock if ur interested I make science animation videos

  17. dono dony says:

    I’m dumb

  18. Armlock311 Gaming Channel says:

    Yea, but what if I watch Rick and Morty?

  19. Speedy McGee says:

    0:58 explains rick and morty

  20. tigergreg8 says:

    Even if someone wasn’t part of the scenarios, they believe they are. It’s normal for people in these instances to give themselves more credit. You can change the fact that you’re the youngest though. Haha
    Btw, the alcohol thing, I don’t believe it. It’s generally your moral standards that dictate some of your habits. It can mean you either have more self control and don’t follow what may be the norm for your situation at hand, or your self esteem is so low, they only way to raise it is to pump something into yourself to alleviate it.

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