Ares 3: Farewell

Ares 3: Farewell

Astronaut Mark Watney introduces the Ares 3 crew before their mission launch.

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20 Responses

  1. Ray Radlein says:

    Forever Mars

  2. Titi Hartinah says:

    Kristen Wiig will be playing the PR for NASA named Annie Montrose.

  3. Thomas Mays says:

    I cannot wait for this. The book and audio book were fantastic, and so far
    all the production stills and videos look GREAT. 

  4. yong ho Shin says:

    Dr. Mann You Asshole!!!!!
    Don’t touch Cooper’s daughter this time!
    I’ll kill youuuuuuuuu~

  5. RufftaMan says:

    +Mami Burger Knowing the book makes the fake tweets in the corner even
    “You think she makes them listen to Dancing Queen on repeat as a form of

  6. NiNi 117 says:


  7. Mr.StealYourGirl says:

    Matt Damon and Space

  8. MisterPinhead says:

    “lets go cubs”
    so hes a cubs fan, but doesnt even acknowledge the blackhawks being in the
    cup final? wat…

  9. Missiheartentertainment says:

    Sebastian Stan!!!!! Love that guy.

  10. John Ward says:

    It was a fantastic book.

  11. Alexander R Newberg says:

    To be honest, i thought this was a video for an actual space mission. Now
    it makes more sense that marky mark is an astronaut

  12. fadhil tsabit hena firdaus says:

    faisal 1

  13. Joseph Rotello says:

    Ahh, so THIS is the “famous” Ares 3 we have been hearing about..The
    Martian. WARNING: Spoiler Alert: This is the one where an astronaut gets
    stranded on Mars, alone. This should be a very good deal to follow.

  14. ElodinMaster says:


  15. dominick castellani says:

    so its a less depressing interstellar…. nice

  16. Jonathan H. Alicea (jhalicea) says:

    Fcking Dr Mann survives. >:(

  17. Pat TheRedman YNWA says:

    There is a moment…

  18. Isaac Yazdani says:

    So the casting for Mark is different but way better than my imagination,
    I’m stoked for this movie

  19. Mike Jarvis says:

    LOL … Cum

  20. Asher Huskinson says:

    I just finished this book and now there’s a trailer!?!?! Best day of my