Aretha Franklin funeral bishop apologises to Ariana Grande

Aretha Franklin funeral bishop apologises to Ariana Grande

Bishop Charles H Ellis III apologises to singer Ariana Grande for how he touched her onstage and a joke he made about her name at Aretha Franklin’s funeral
Bishop apologises to Ariana Grande for conduct at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

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89 Responses

  1. Crisp Bag says:

    Guardian journalists currently drawing up Venn diagrams to workout which of the two is more oppressed in order to decide whose side to take.

  2. Dacia Bell says:

    Saying “I’m sorry IF….” isn’t actually apologising. He knew exactly what he was doing. I felt so uncomfortable for her. You could tell how uneasy she was because she kept inching away but he kept drawing her in with his damn hand groping a quarter of her breast! These so called pastors do these things and worse behind closed doors in churches all the time. This right here is one of many reasons I stopped going to church and believing in that fairytale all together.

  3. Sea Side001 says:

    That seemed very uncomfortable!! I couldn’t watch it..

    • Jay Grey says:

      +Julia B It’s cool if you are cool with dudes having their hands that close to your breasts; that doesn’t make people who are uncomfortable with it sensitive.

    • Maggie Edwards says:

      Julia B what nonsense you talk , young girl subjected to a creeps subtle sexual misconduct and make it sound like it’s hysterical women if it was my daughter I would ring his bell for him and not no Taco Bell ,!😡

    • Sanai Bastian says:


    • nick the killer says:

      Wait so he was really is dead by touching araina grande her breast is way of the outta the line over-lead.

    • D. E. Bodiford says:

      +JeyRuff Interviewing everyone equally and finding cause not to hire someone is fine. If I wanted to run a business and strengthen the black community near me, by only hiring black people, then I wouldn’t turn away anyone who applies. That would be illegal. I’d interview anyone who applies, but only hire black persons. No one could cry discrimination if I find the interviewee ineligible for the position, because no one knows directly why they are ineligible in the first place. The person goes on to find another job, and I continue to seek a new employee. No one bats an eye.

  4. Yung Pepe says:

    he crossed the border illegally

  5. fernando guinto says:

    Obviously he was reaching for her breast!!

  6. Geth Creator says:

    The entire funeral was a disgrace

  7. Twostones00 says:

    Contact without consent is wrong.

    • flashfive12 says:

      Lmfao I’m so done 😂😂😂

    • Jerry Lau says:

      +Redders6038 R No if you are complete strangers with someone you should not just swoop in for a hug unless it is part of your culture. In America it is customary to shake hands when you meet someone unless someone mutual is introducing the two people. But keeping your hand locked around a person and hugging them tightly to your body like what this pastor did is not appropriate. He could have just held his hand on her back to show support, no need to wrap it all the way around her.

  8. Penny Battle says:

    You could see from the first clip she was trying to back away, you could also see it in her look and how she looked behind her . Second clip, as soon as he said taco bell, he pressed on her and then put his hand down on her waist to cover it up. Dirty man!!

  9. SugaKookie says:

    I knew it. I knew he would say that. Gross

  10. Veer says:

    0:04 look at his hand! he’s trying to grab as much as he can

  11. davidforde1973 says:

    You got caught out you pervert!
    Funeral of all places too. Hang your head in shame

  12. Me Me says:

    What a creep!!! That poor girl looked so uncomfortable and was looking back as if looking for someone to save her. This douche knew EXACTLY was he was doing. What a sleazebag.

  13. Kurai Tsuki Dankia says:

    You tell she was uncomfortable the whole time. That’s why I don’t trust church’s today. People use God’s name to do wrong.

  14. OrcasRule x says:

    He could have placed his hand around her arm but chose to tuck it in under her arm and on her breast. What an absolute joke. Never trust these so called men of God they are usually the biggest hypocrites.

  15. kat Mats says:

    This turned out to be a very tacky event to honor Aretha Franklin. Shame on these people. They turned this into a political event

  16. Faryal Shams says:

    she is so obviously uncomfortable omg

  17. I have no username says:

    “Crossed the border” what’s that supposed to mean?? You already called her a menu from Taco Bell now you “crossing borders”…

  18. David Is Here says:

    Who puts their hands so high under their pits to hold someone? Oh fake me out pastor got her sideboob and she can feels his dirty fingers moving on it…and when he pull her in for another squeeze…WTF? You can tell he is that type of dude who preaches God’s word and on his mind is about sins!

    • David Is Here says:

      On top of that you can see she looked back hoping someone can see or help. This is not a distraction…is it an opportunity and you took advantage of it! I’m going to wait for more females to come forward about this dirty pastor.

    • Letty Lunasical says:

      Exactly. If that was a guy the pastor wouldn’t be putting his hand up by some man’s chest area.

    • Chandler says:

      He must have watched how Joe Biden gets away with it.

  19. Lee Benstead says:

    Normal people would put their hand gently on your back or shoulder, control freaks, perverts, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths will grip you like their prisoner and pull you in. They get a kick from deceiving people right under their noses, I mean who would think a pastor in broad daylight would do such a thing in front of thousands of people at Aretha’s funeral. Scum bag.

  20. Emma Watson OFFICIAL says:

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    – WА!!ТСН М!Y H!ОT V!ID!E0
    – Every tim!e someo!ne likes this com!!ment I’ll a!d a turtle:(I’ll ch!eck eve!ry h!our)

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