Argentina v Croatia – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 23

Argentina v Croatia – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ – Match 23

Croatia recorded a stunning win over Argentina to book their place in the knockout rounds of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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68 Responses

  1. Nguyenquocviet Official says:

    messi so bad

    • Tuấn Anhh says:

      The arg coach is such a big shit. His tactic and the players that he used were unable to understand. Coach made arg lose this tournament ….

    • trelaa says:

      Tjmorepushups a big difference is that Ronaldo has teamates to assist him tell me one players that actually did something to help Messi get away of 5 defenders NONE

    • Namjoon's Brain says:

      Nguyenquocviet Official Messi needs the other players to step up the game he alone cant do it its teamwork so.
      Ronaldo has players with better defence with him. Even he alone cnt do anything.

    • trelaa says:

      Tuấn Anhh totally agree when u don’t take icardi at ur lineup and still u play with higuain

    • Thắng Oộôp says:

      Cmt thế đéo nào bị chúng nó chửi thẳng mặt thế cu

  2. Luk4 Youtub3r says:

    Messi is a magician. He disappeared 2 last games.

  3. Ijal Purwonegara says:

    This happen when you hire Johnny sins for goalkeeper…

    I know he’s multitalent lmao

  4. Sean Ogreen says:

    Great job Croatia much love from America, hope My European brothers go all the way🇭🇷💪🏻❤️

  5. Čupko M says:


    • Medin says:


    • A. P. says:

      Ovo je bila istorijska utakmica, Hrvatska igra najbolji fudbal do sada i voleo bih da je vidim u finalu. A valjda cemo i mi da pobedimo sutra 😊 i prestanite da sejete mrznju vise medju ova 2 naroda, nekim koji su nam mnogo dalje to i te kako odgovara, jer mi smo braca blizanci, i takp ce uvek da bude. Volim Hrvatsku. 🇷🇸❤🇭🇷👋👋👋

    • Polkovnik says:

      Респект братушкам Славянам! Даёшь славянский финал 😀

  6. seemanta kaphle says:

    Watch 10 times.

  7. Kakeru Tokyo says:

    Poor Messi 😢😢😢

  8. Румяный Пряник says:

    Hrvatska! Odlicna igra! Od srca cestitamo na lijepe pobjede! Iz Rusije.

  9. Jay Rawat says:

    Biggest defeat in this World Cup. Messi is club level footballer.
    I am very sad for them but Crotia deserve this win. They played well in every corner of this match…
    So Messi and team is out from this World Cup.
    I am telling you from start that this World Cup is bag of surprises…
    After watching these all matches what you guys think?

  10. Indian Hot Short Movies says:

    2 minutes laugh for those who thinks Messi is number 1 in the World. The truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo is number 1 and Messei is not even 2nd best in the world. Because there are many more players better than Messi like Neymar and Salah.

    • aotero u says:

      Yeah and where was CR in the previous world cup? Messi played the final and scored the winning goal 3 times…

    • Francisco Soto says:

      What did Neymar and Salah accomplish in the World Cup? a tie with switzerland and being elimated from the World Cup. They haven’t done anything. And if we’re talking the past season Messi did better than Neymar and Salah (Messi scored more goals than Salah) and Ronaldo didnt win La Liga or Copa del Rey and the Champions Final it was all Bale.

    • Indian Hot Short Movies says:

      Khaled Nour Yeah right

    • Indian Hot Short Movies says:

      HyperDino Thats right. But you know the current situation very well

    • Indian Hot Short Movies says:

      Ismail Vaseer12 Thanks Dear

  11. Domagoj Bakić says:

    I’m very proud of my country ❤🎉🇭🇷🇭🇷
    And you all hate Messi cuz of his performance vs Croatia but you don’t think that Messi is not only player that can pull Argentina to do something, where is Mascherano, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala, Macado, Otamendi etc.
    They played dirty and didn’t play like team so they lost.

  12. Out Of Time says:

    Croatia will win the world cup if they play like this till all the stages

  13. Boim Unyu says:

    What a humble celebrations by croatia.. 😁😁😁

  14. Talía says:

    Love Croatia! 😍

  15. Talha Rajput says:

    TODAy is mY birthday make my birthday special for your like 👍thanks ..❤

  16. Minh quân says:

    In 2016 Portugal beat Croatia 1-0(e.t)
    In 2018 Croatia beat Argentina 3-0 =))

    • Pingvinska Depresija says:

      Minh quân Portugal have luck

    • ho tim says:

      absolutely not messi problem
      only don’t know football think that problem is from messi

    • Adolfo Barrios says:

      Minh quân In 2014 Mexico beat Croatia 3-1

    • spearfishing and fishing south coast nsw says:

      oggy jack what do Messi and a magician have in common? They’re both good at disappearing 😂😂

    • Brunojpf says:

      Samuel Chen it’s still Messi problem because he didn’t do shit as well. He retired from national team dunno why is back arrogant prick deserved a red card, him and 2 or 3 other from Argentina. He should be already used to lose with Argentina.

  17. South Korea says:

    In this Russia World Cup, Croatia is a good team.

  18. Susrit Jung Basnet says:

    Argentina Keeper has Match fixing…

  19. André says:

    Adios Argentina!! Jajajaja

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