Argentina vs. Croatia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Semifinals

Argentina vs. Croatia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Semifinals

Argentina and Croatia faced off in the Semifinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Julián Álvarez drew a foul in the box then Lionel Messi scored on a penalty kick chance and became Argentina’s all-time leading scorer in the World Cup. Argentina wasn’t done there as Álvarez would score a goal of his own in the 39th minute. Argentina would continue to pour it on, with another goal by Álvarez in the 69th minute. This is the second time Lionel Messi has advanced to the World Cup Finals.

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Argentina vs. Croatia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Semifinals

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35 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Messi = World Cup OTW 👀🤔?

    • MyMason911 says:

      ​@I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dogi think messi plays for your country’s biggest club. Along with di maria? Paris saint germain? Stuuuuuuupiiiiiiid! Plus the world knows france is biggest cheating soccer country they tried to cheat against italy in 2006 final, they were kicking tying up legs, shoulder outside box inside box against england. In france last world cup final croatia gave them 2 goals game ended 4-3. So france only scored two legit goals on counter break by the way in their last final🤣🤣

    • Joekate121609 says:

      Nope the whole Argentina team flops and not true football

    • Colin Foster says:

      such a dumb content for kids

    • Kevin G says:

      @Believer of Goodshambles😂

    • Mope Yh says:

      @Ferny Gamer hopefully this is not true because Rondo was retiring and it would been cool if Portugal vs Argentina but that won’t happen soon.

  2. SwaeLee says:

    I was rooting for both of these teams, sadly only one team can move on. Croatia had a good run and this might be their last for a while, for this could be Luka’s last international run 🙁 Congrats to Argentina and Messi. They were the better team today.

    • Alejandro Maldonado says:

      @I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog Nah Morocco will beat France hopefully.

    • sofiarays says:

      @Yero Diallo Imo, it was not a penalty at all. If anything, the forward ran into the goalie who was just trying to clear the ball. The goalie barely touches him. You can rewatch it. Argentines are very skilled at dramatically throwing themselves on the ground and pretending. It’s pathetic to see grown, professional men do this, but they don’t care since it wins them calls and matches.

    • Jeffrey Waldron says:

      To all the blind egomaniacs, please pause the video at 1:06. Then, when you are ready, play the video at 0.25x speed. Finally, please tell me how a goalie standing still and trying to block a shot deserves a penalty let alone a yellow card.

    • Toni Reed says:

      Messi was of God. His presence was immense and fueled his team with the Divine rhythm. He is the greatest! Better than Mbappe because the Frenchman is of his brain and muscle-memory – not of God because his ego is getting bigger and he loves the camera. Messi is hubris free. He has become more so over time. What a treat!!!!!!!!!!

    • Overgeared Gaurdians says:

      @I Squat On The Toilet And Poop Hard Like A Dog LET’S SEE ABOUT THAT SHALL WE. If argentina wins u owe me something.

  3. Krandy 11 says:

    I don’t think there’s a team that’s been fighting harder than Argentina the last three World Cups. They deserve it! Nothing but well wishes to Messi to finish it off at the very top 🏆

  4. Andrew Wolf says:

    So happy for ARG. Leo deserves a WC trophy to cement his legacy as the best player of all time (In my opinion). Also very proud that my club acquired such a brilliant young talent J. Alvarez. Watching him play this fall we all knew his was special (those who follow Argentina football knew already). He’s stepped up in a massive support role to Leo in the WC. Vamos Agentina!

  5. Milo says:

    As a Serb, I would like to congratulate to my Croatian neighbors for great football they are playing for the last decade, country of three million people, and making this results is so impressive, and maybe you lost this game, but for me you are the winners of this tournament! Wish you luck in a future!

  6. tanyi atem says:

    Messi is completely out of this this planet. What a player

  7. JayCFC says:

    That assist from Messi for Alvarez’s second goal, man rolled back the years. Really hoping that Argentina win this final.

  8. Sebastian Pascu says:

    There is something about Argentina…I always rooted for Argentina even though I am not Argentinian…Good luck in the final! Vamonos!

  9. victorarreola says:

    That assist from Messi was outstanding…5 years ago he would’ve tried to finish that himself.

  10. Mirtzee says:

    Croatia was great, congratulations to their amazing team and hard work. Bravo Argentina 🎉🎉 They played well and make Latin Americans proud! Love from 🇺🇸

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