Argentina vs. France Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup Final

Argentina vs. France Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup Final

Argentina and France faced off in the highly-anticipated final to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Argentina showed aggressiveness early as Lionel Messi scored his first World Cup final goal on a penalty kick in 23’ and Ángel Di Maria added another goal in 36’. France made a surprising call after subbing out Olivier Giroud and Ousman Dembele in 40’. Mbappé would put the team on his back in the second half. He would score on a PK in 79’ and would score right after in 81’. The match would head to extra time. Lionel Messi would add another goal in 108’. Kylian Mbappé would add the equalizer in 118’ via PK. The game would go to PK’s where Messi and Argentina sealed the victory.

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Argentina vs. France Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup Final

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43 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Was this the BEST game you’ve ever seen?

  2. jourdan Wright says:

    What a game. Both Messi and Mbappe showed up and delivered. A game that will be remembered forever.

  3. voudyvoaha says:

    As someone that wanted Argentina to win, my heart beated faster when embappe got 2 of the quickest back to back goals. He went beast mode

    • Bruce Lee says:

      i wanted france to win but man this game was the best game match i have ever seen ohh myyy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Shailesh Pradhan says:

      My heart was also beating so fast I was so nervous why was going happen next

    • adonis frias says:

      He really when on the zone he show an example to never give up no matter how hard it may seem. He open a path for he’s team mates and that is what they needed cuz after those goal their defense when up like crazy.

  4. Jennifer Fuller says:

    I was watching this live on tv, me and my family were screaming at the top of our lungs screaming for the Argentine to score! A big game of events, bravo to both of these teams for putting on an amazing final👏👏👏

    • Peace Ninja says:

      I watched the first half with my friends who are Argentinian… Holy sheet they go crazy! lol

      They kept yelling:
      “La consciencia de su pu… madre!”

    • Sam Fisher says:

      Likewise! My family lives in UK and were sending me audios of their screams 🤣

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.”
      ‭‭1 John‬ ‭4‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • LeGeNdArY Sportmastercaster says:

      me too alone

  5. Mister MJ says:

    120+ minute game that probably needs 150 minutes to breakdown and summarize. Amazing all-around especially from the 80th minute on when France rallied like the champions they are. In the end, very happy for Messi and Argentina!

  6. Tanveer Mangat says:

    This is the stuff that brings the whole world together. What a time to be alive. What beauties, Messi and Mbappé.

  7. Kirby Gamer Art says:

    This is probably one of the most phenomenal games in football history. It has everything you could ever want. From a 2-0 to 2-2 comeback, to 2 goals of both teams in the extra time, to a teeth clenching penalty shootout! This game will be remembered forever in history!!! Messi the G.O.A.T.!

    • Anth C says:

      @Brandon Blooming that would mean that all the players had to be in on it…. And if so, why go to the trouble of going into OT and PKs …. When France could have been playing the same way, and just lose 2-0, or 2-1 inside 90 minutes.
      To be fair, I will say that there were WC tournaments that got corrupted ( the 1974 and 2002 WC, that I know of), but they were done by way of corrupting the refs!!!

    • Tyler B says:

      yay! Congrats America on winning the world cup!

    • Brandon Blooming says:

      These games are rigged bro. The first half was all I had to see to clearly see that this game of Argentina and France was rigged. You could tell how the french players were playing in first half. They were literally passing balls to Argentina players. Not only this. I saw a lot more than what I need to know that this game was rigged for messi to win it.

    • K. Katsi says:

      @Propagate Messi controlled the game until like the 80th minute, when Mbappe took over.

  8. Fino says:

    That argentina goalie who saved the entire country with that absolute amazing save at the 122th minute needs a medal in and of itself. Last minute of the overtime period and he went clutch. that amazing clutch save ended up getting argentina the victory. Argentina truly has the top talent of the world.

  9. TLB2.0 says:

    this was the greatest i’ve ever seen in my life, just a roller coaster of emotions
    Messi and Mbappé truly showed up today and both teams gave it THEIR ALL
    im from Argentina and my family is to
    were so happy they won it
    after 36 years with Messi
    ill never forget this game
    this game was the highlight of my life so far and probably will be for a while
    Thank You Argentinia
    Thank you messi
    we are now champions of the world

    Por mis Argentinios

    esto fue lo mejor que he visto en mi vida, solo una montaña rusa de emociones
    Messi y Mbappé realmente se presentaron hoy y ambos equipos lo dieron TODO
    soy de argentina y mi familia es para
    estaban tan felices de haberlo ganado
    tras 36 años con Messi
    nunca olvidare este juego
    este juego fue lo más destacado de mi vida hasta ahora y probablemente lo será por un tiempo
    gracias argentina
    gracias messi
    ahora somos campeones del mundo

  10. Holly Wood says:

    This was seriously one of the greatest World Cup games ever! From the goal scoring by Messi and Mbappe, the incredible overtime and the penalties. I know Messi is currently the greatest player, Mbappe is coming for it and ready to take the throne. What even cooler is they both play for PSG.

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