Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

In the first match of Group C Argentina and Saudi Arabia face-off. Argentina brought the pressure in the first half and allowed no goal attempts by Saudi Arabia. In a shocking turn of events Saudia Arabia made a comeback early in the second half scoring two goals, one from Saleh Al-Shehri in the 48th minute and one from Salem Al Dawsari swiftly after in the 53rd minute. Argentina had their chances in the second half including multiple chances by Messi but Saudi Arabia were victorious in the end.

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Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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32 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Are you stunned?

  2. Henry Jacobs says:

    That second goal was a world class finish. Astonishing

  3. Fing Lo says:

    The goalie was on fire.. he block everything..he ate his many chance to score..what a good game

  4. 에이미쓰 says:

    Legit never thought Argentina would lose the match. Wow.

  5. ESE WEY says:

    This is why I love the world cup. We are so focused “on the best players” its nice to see the whole world compete. 🌎

  6. J ay says:

    Saudi Arabia’s goalkeeper is impressive! And the defense was on point! 🇸🇦

  7. DDeglane16 says:

    One of the World Cup’s greatest group stage shocks of all time.

  8. Scott Wojtas says:

    Argentina had plenty of scoring opportunities. Saudi Arabia’s defense stepped up and was ON POINT. This game reminds me why I love soccer!

  9. Luis Calderon says:

    That second goal?! I want to just cry that’s why i love this sport, what a beautiful goal!!!

  10. Marco Echavarria says:

    To think that Argentina went up as early as 9 mins. And the trapping schematics by SA defense for all those off side goals. SA goalie stepping it up big time. Not to mention SA second goal, absolute beauty. What a match. Too bad I was sleeping haha but congrats to SA.

    • Yohan Anthony says:

      Haha. The game started at 3am Here in the US.
      I couldn’t see SA first goal because I was dozing off.
      But Good Game. Lol

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