Ariana & Artyon’s Quickstep – DWTS Juniors

Ariana & Artyon’s Quickstep – DWTS Juniors

Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine dance the Quickstep to “Classic” by MKTO.

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51 Responses

  1. Scratch Beats says:

    So early that the video was private

  2. Fox Heart says:

    Scores were 9 – 9 – 9.
    Personally I would have given them all 12’s. Best dance of the season!

  3. ariana grande fans says:

    Love them so much wtf

  4. Peter Lim says:

    Kinda underwhelmed with all the dances this week. Loved last week’s dances but this week is not the best. I think its the song choices and choreography that is lacking.

  5. BananaaBoom says:

    The juniors season is way better than the adults

  6. Ash K. says:

    Classic by MKTO is a quickstep song?

  7. eries77 says:

    This was so good! My favorite of the night!

  8. KenyaJade says:

    Not their best but still really good

  9. Anabella Ginebra says:

    im sorry but couldn’t they have used songs from each era. just doesn’t fit the vibe

  10. Ellen Yue says:

    This wasn’t their best dance in my opinion. probably cause of the song choice though

  11. harmonizer karla says:

    why is everyone getting underscored? and i just want someone to get a perfect score!!

  12. Briar’s ABC’s says:

    I hope they win!!! 😁❤️

  13. Kerstyn F. says:

    They have such great chemistry! I either want them or Kenzie and Sage to win. They were paired so perfectly!! Ohhh but then there’s also Sky and JT and their amazing too!! Edit: OMG I never got 30 likes before!! Tysm!

    • Kerstyn F. says:

      Yayyy!! They are super great and cute!!! Thanks for telling me!!

    • stephanie tyson says:

      abi w8 really I thought this team was better sky is really cute but her feet are always a little off for me.

    • Five H says:

      +stephanie tyson Ariana has her faults too, but I am still rooting for her even though I know she won’t win (because she has dance experience and the show is about turning non dancers into dancers). Sky is improving, so maybe we’ll see her improve more and more?

      idk, tbh Ariana started off the competition really good and it gets hard to top your previous performance when every single one is good, you know? And there’s also the fact of choreo that are none of the kids’ fault.

      also, Sky has this lovely personality of a hard worker and humble girl who loves what she’s doing, gives her best in everything she does and is very grateful for all the opportunities she’s had. Don’t get me wrong, but that type of attitude is exactly what these types of competitions love. The underdogs. The ones who are unexpected to win. The other kids work just as hard AND have their own personalities too, be it sassy or mature. She’s cute, yes, and I may be biased, but I still prefer Ariana.

      I’m sorry this was such a long rant addressed to you, I hope you take no offense. It’s great knowing someone else loves Ariana and Artyon too!

    • stephanie tyson says:

      Five H none taken and I the rant was right and you are absolutely right Airana can be a bit much because she knows how good she is while the other girl is always sweet and cute. Not as good but always humble.

    • Hcney Blcssom says:

      nah, kenzie is too good to be in the comp. idc what anyone else says, but it’s fucking unfair af.

  14. Conor George says:

    They seriously need to stop playing pop music for EVERY dance it just doesn’t work, I get it’s the juniors series but some of these dances could be x100 better just by changing the music 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Sarah Monique says:

      Conor George I agree this week the music should at least resemble the time period. That’s why I think the judges are underscoring most of the couples. Also some of the mentors need to see the potential their “stars” have and give them more challenging choreo.

  15. Maria Gordon says:

    i’m sorry but it doesn’t seem like the song fits the style of the dance

  16. DWTS Observer says:

    Another awful song choice! They really needed to choose appropriate songs for the time period. Timing was pretty good, and her footwork wasn’t bad. Major gapping problems though, which is a shame. Plus, the break in hold wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ll be honest, I normally love her, but this was just A LITTLE under standard for her. Not awful by any means, but there were a couple flaws! It was still pretty good. 9.

    • Nella J says:

      Giana Jimenez lol. A perfect quickstep performance has body contact throughout the entire time in hold. If a couple can’t keep their stomachs together to maintain that body contact, then they can’t fully master the quickstep.

    • Giana Jimenez says:

      +Nella J thanks I know they are one of my favorite contestants of the show thanks for the feedback

    • Sophie Mel says:

      They’re trying to appeal to kids watching the show I think, as they’re only using modern songs

    • Brenham Davila says:

      Bro at the end of the day, these are little kids. They can dance better than some fully grown adults!

  17. DannVal says:

    I want them to win or Mackenzie, or sky…. But more Ariana

  18. Sharifa Safiou says:

    Scores: 9,9,9
    Thank me later
    Elimination: Mandla and brightyn

  19. Corinne Kipfmueller says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love this song, and I love these two, but I wouldn’t have done this song with this dance

  20. MArie Livingston says:

    Since they’re going back in time, why didn’t the song choices match the era? Makes no kinda sense producers. 😒

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