Ariana Grande – 7 rings remix (feat 2 Chainz)

Ariana Grande – 7 rings remix (feat 2 Chainz)

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81 Responses

  1. Shiba-Inu says:

    Having 2 Chainz on the remix was a genius move considering people were accusing Ari of stealing from him. It capitalized on the “beef.” Having Nicki might’ve sounded better but it’s been done before so many times already. This isn’t my favorite but at least it’s something new.

  2. Gamer89 says:

    Vogliamo Ariana che trappa ??
    Chi è italiano metta like e commenti a questo commento?? ARIANA PER SEMPRE ❤?❤❤???????????❤❤????❤??❤❤

  3. Lisha Scullard says:

    Ariana don’t need no collab she can do it all herself??‍♀️?

    • Hey it's Noah says:

      Hi can you check if my channel is banned please nothing is loading for me

    • Neonwolf86 says:

      she can make her own shit music

    • PEAK says:

      She kinda did cause she almost copied 2 chains song and Soulja boys as well this is how she stayed out of legal issues

    • lilmrscutsie says:

      She has to be URBAN/RAP/HIPHOP/TRAP since that’s the trash music the general public likes. If this was an ordinary pop song with the same theme it would’ve flopped. She had to add some smelly rapper to help sell it. #BringPopMusicBack2020

  4. Tetr vet says:

    60% comments wishing Nicki was in it
    30% this is worse the original is better
    10% ariana is a better rapper than 2 chainz

  5. Mrs Butera says:

    *What ‘s better:*
    *Thank u next: like*
    *7rings= comment* *:*

  6. Luis Cry Baby says:

    I don’t like this version,the original is the best.

  7. o h says:

    I wish I can make friends fast as Ariana Grande.

  8. Boop Boop says:

    that moment when Ariana raps better than 2 Chainzs…

  9. brooke b says:

    2chainz had too much auto tune ?

  10. Caz Bryan says:

    I feel bad for Ariana I feel like she felt she had to feature 2 chains just because she “stole his style”She would never feature 2 chains if they wouldn’t have been dramatic about 7 rings

  11. Aalisha H. says:

    Damn the hate is real. I thought it was something different. I like it.

  12. sweetener 08/17 says:

    I hope she does another remix with Nicki. 2 chainz didn’t anything to this song, i will probably never listen to this remix again. He just doesn’t fit 🙁

  13. Slayvion says:

    Some things just don’t need to be remixed lol

  14. Zarek Allen says:

    2 Chainz sounds like a ghetto Siri

  15. zayn says:

    This is so Cool?

  16. Mixers forever says:

    The original better than this
    Sorry but I don’t like it

  17. mikada nicholson says:

    We need a female rapper on this track Hint: *Nicki*

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  19. lǝzuǝp ɹɐpɐq says:

    Imagine if she had Soulja and princess Nokia in this too…

  20. xx Sneha xx says:

    Nicki would have sounded low key sooo better

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