Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Call Off Engagement

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Call Off Engagement

The couple has broken up just months after getting engaged.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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80 Responses

  1. BEYOND Comfort says:

    That’s too bad.

    Wish YOU the best!

  2. ScarlettP says:

    I saw it coming, it was either sooner or later

  3. joey and mone! says:

    Honestly though she still loved mac and you know that’s part of why she called it off cause his death affected her badly.

    • Victor Leal says:

      Real answer wait for it… hypergamy. When Pete filled the perfect guy quota, she got bored. Watch in two weeks she will find another dude. Why I am mgtow.

    • boiii says:

      +Victor Leal” why i am MgToW”

    • Sh4m3l3ss Sk4nkh0 says:

      Pete is a victim in this ariana was just using him to rebound from mac and Pete knew he’d never get any one better then when mac died (whom she really loved) she basically forgot about Pete now he has egg all over his face ok the public eye it’s kinda sad for him actually and embarrassing but I do feel bad for ariana too in a different way I hope they both are ok after this

    • Mia C says:

      That’s not Petes fault! He died and hes not coming back and she broke up with him. I think the reason for their split was all the hate and pressure they got! After Mac Millers death people hated on her a lot and blamed her and hated on her relationship too

    • Mr. Awesome says:

      +Jennifer Smith Stfu.

  4. Frankie Lindley says:

    Who won their bet?

  5. Shay McClure says:

    That’s crazy after all those matching Tattoos and rushing into a relationship then engagement yeah you can’t rush love just to get over someone else

    • fofiax says:

      Stacy Hackney
      No, i mostly see celebrities doing that. More than young people even. It’s because they have everything- fame, fans love, money now all they want is someone to love for who they are and many rush it. If you find someone you like and you’re both available, you to on dates, you talk to each other, you find out each other’s interests and dislikes. After some time, you see how they act under stress, you see how they manage themselves financially and overall you see little details that are very much needed if you’re ever going to decide to live with this person. That is why you hesitate. Not because you’re unsure if you love that person, but because you truly don’t know that person yet. If they remain friends, great. They may not, also great.

    • Shay McClure says:

      DARK _SLAYER_420 who really knows why but maybe they didn’t want their fans know that they called it quits

    • Shay McClure says:

      Stacy Hackney I don’t think it was that I think she’s not completely over Mac Miller and she realize that…. I’m not judging her I’m just stating facts cause you can’t rush into something that serious marriage isn’t something to play with

    • Shay McClure says:

      Marcus Coppola I mean that’s what it looks like to me

  6. United_World's Finest says:

    Shocking…that is it would be if nobody already saw this coming.

  7. Ham and Burr says:

    Poor Ari. So many bad things one after another.

  8. Mac-Attack says:

    What!?!? Nobody saw this coming!!!!! (Heavy sarcasm)

    I knew what I was wearing to the divorce party the SECOND they got engaged.

  9. Lila Willow says:

    I think she loved Mac a lot more and they had a deeper connection than pete and ari ever did…despite Mac’s issues, i think his death really made her realize a lot.

  10. Amelia H says:

    I mean no break up is going to top the david and Liza one. I was hurt

  11. teenie36214 says:

    They rushed into the relationship without thinking of the consequences. Maybe Mac’s death was the catalyst but I’m sure most of the general public who knows who Ariana and Pete are assumed their quickie engagement wouldn’t last.

  12. Michael Philip says:

    I just took a nap, and they broke up? Why?

  13. Gabriela Riera says:

    Well she did kept the cute pig and got rid of the other one so hey

  14. Addy C says:

    *pretends to be shocked.*

  15. f quint says:

    I feel so bad for her, this girl can’t catch a damn break.

    • DeBunked Alice says:

      +Roy You know we’re talking about more than just her breakup right? Like you seem so distanced from this conversation and need to catch up.

    • Josh Bishop says:

      Doris E I mean honestly I doubt she was oblivious to macs drug problem and probably knew about it and if she decided to do nothing until it was to late then she is one of the causes

    • DeBunked Alice says:

      +Josh Bishop false. She was helping him even when they were just friends. He had many moments where it looked like he was improving and moving forward but relapsed time and time again. She did that for 4 years and two of those years they were dating. She probably really thought she could fix him but people can’t be fixed by someone else ( it also didn’t help that she needed some fixing too after that Manchester attack).

    • osubucknut100 says:

      She’s literally a millionaire lmao, I don’t feel sorry for her for one second.

    • Lexi. says:

      She’s not the only one who can’t lol ask your neighbors or people around you how they’re doing most em can’t catch a break either

  16. WeirdozChannel says:

    These celebrities seem to talented at everything other than holding meaningful relationships

  17. daisy doge says:

    r.i.p tattoos r.i.p apartment r.i.p wedding r.i.p song called “” pete davidson”

  18. M.L. Soll says:

    This is why you should take it slowly

  19. Rach G says:

    Lol at the people who act like they know them personally..”she loved Pete more”, “she loved Mac more”..Did she tell you this? Lol

  20. King Wavy says:

    It’s because its LUST not LOVE, that’s why it didn’t work

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