Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored (behind the scenes)

Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored (behind the scenes)

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  1. sleepy boi says:

    2:05 how to get the fellas ?

  2. Kier-_- says:

    Ariana is becoming a YouTuber ?

  3. Rich the kid ET says:

    I love her deep voice( that’s how I get the fellas just kiddin I ain’t nobody in my dm)

  4. Cake lady says:

    *wait…. ppl actually have conversations when they are shooting scenes?!?!*

  5. Lina Bx says:

    I bet the improvised dialogue was better than what Charles is used to… 
    Jkkkk no hate I’ve never seen an actual episode

  6. Apple KyuLla says:

    Won’t be shocked if the conversations was only them saying….

    *YUH YUH*

  7. Nina Navarrete says:

    I would steal his gf and then him they are both hot af

  8. LolzitsHeidy says:

    I see him,
    I like him,
    I want him
    I made him break up with his gf
    He asks me out
    Thank you next

    Edit: never got passed 10
    Edit 2: THANKS FOR 70 LIKES
    Edit 3: AHHHHH 478
    Edit 4: OML 9 MIN AFTER EDIT 3 AND ALREADY 500!?!?

  9. Mighty OX Audios HD says:

    Ariana’ Voice is? No matter what comes from her mouth

  10. LayadiSongz says:

    Break up with your girlfriend, I want to go to a Japanese BBQ Grill.

  11. *cough* Jiya *cough* says:

    Charles:*smells hair*
    Ari:What r u doing?!

  12. Salome Sepulveda says:

    4:24 looked like they were gonna kiss omg ?❤️??

  13. random says:

    Me: this is so cute

    Camila: *holding gun* no

  14. IDK ITS EMILY says:

    Who else rewatched the music video after this ???‍♀️

    Anyone wanna be youtube friends ?

  15. 10EVadgama says:

    Pete: why’d’ya break up w me ?!
    Ari: cos i don’t wanna make up with you and just wanted to say i can’t imagine you in my bloodline- it’s a bad idea! Yuh. And i don’t wanna live with a fake smile and plus i’m not needy for you. Yuh. I’ll keep on ghostin you cos i don’t want you in my head. Yuh. Now ask me once more and i’ll kick you out and not even NASA will come to save you. P.S. i’m not keeping those cheap 7 rings you got me and also ‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’ is a text you’ll get…
    if i’m bored ??Thank you next.
    Pete: jeez sorry for asking!??‍♂️??

  16. Alice Trica says:

    At 3:49 I really thought she was going to say “thanks, just bought it”

  17. Salma Santiago says:

    she’s like ‘break up w camilaaaaaa, cause i’m bored’

  18. Sniper J says:

    I hope to inspire people through my music like Ariana does through her music. I also use music as a form of self expression in hopes to help myself and others. Listen to one of my songs if you got a minute, you’ll be surprised.

  19. syarif hidayatullah says:

    Charles melton looks like the handsome version of squidward, you know… When squidward hit his face and become handsome and everyone loves him

  20. Elizabeth Anne says:

    i’ve been listening to this whole album non stop since it came out pls help

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