Ariana Grande Breaks Up With Pete Davidson After This

Ariana Grande Breaks Up With Pete Davidson After This

Ariana Grande Calls Off Engagement To Pete Davidson and Split Up Because Of This

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News broke that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split up and everyone on social media is freaking out. The couple got engaged this year shortly after her break up with two year boyfriend Mac Miller. However, it is no secret that Ariana has had a tough year with what happened at her concert in Manchester, and the passing of her ex boyfriend Mac Miller just a couple of months ago. Needless to say, maybe her engagement to Pete Davidson came at a bad time in her life, but there might still be hope yet for the pair some day. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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76 Responses

  1. Lera Hill says:


  2. momo mikitty says:

    You know what I think this happen because of Mac was passed away and she still can’t move on.. I know what it feels like. I’m sorry for Ariana 😔

    • Edona_The_DONUT // Donutz_4LIFE says:

      Thats true, but its also because some people have been blaming her for his overdose. She may feel like its all her fault that she died and there are so many trolls out there who may think its funny but it is seriously ruining her life.

  3. Shelley S says:

    people literally told me to stfu but i have borderline personality disorder and so does pete and his fast engagement is a symptom of bpd. falling in love fast because they want to be in love not because they actually are. its sad but thats why you need to get to know someone when you have bpd because if you are just in it for the sake of being in love its going to end bad.

    • Kicksno1fan says:

      Ariana Grande xox
      Borderline personality disorder is when somebody has intense mood swings, have an unstable sense of self(not sure who they are), they act without thinking/impulsive (which explains the random engagement), and they can get desperately panicked if people reject them/leave them.
      They’re more prone to depression, and even tho the symptoms dont sound too serious, it is a serious disorder and can result in suicide.
      Never would have thought pete actually had this.

    • Dani Derpasaurus says:

      Same here

    • Juliette says:

      Kicksno1fan What does Ari have?

    • Kicksno1fan says:

      Huh? She doesn’t have any disorders except anxiety and ptsd I think, but who knows if she still has ptsd

  4. Baby Pageant Winner says:

    I think maybe he smothered her. He also over sexualized her to the media and maybe she wanted a more mature relationship.

  5. m_murf says:

    look the rest of her fans can come at me for this , but personally i didn’t like the way pete talked about her on interviews it came across like he just liked her for her looks which is hard to think because she is the most beautiful hearted girl , but that’s just what it seemed to me i Get that hes a comedian, but an interview isn’t a stand up show that’s when he can drop the “funny” act and just answer the questions and stuff, BUT IDK HOW HE TREATED HER INSIDE THE RELATIONSHIP that’s just what i gathered as an outsider to me mac was just more respectful of her and i understand why ari had to end it . it wasn’t good for her to be worrying that much about her significant other to the point where she was so scared of his drugs rip mac he will always be loved and too ari i hope she finds happiness AND I’M NOT SAYING PETE MISTREATED HER BECAUSE IDK WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND THE CURTAINS IN THEIR LIFE I’M JUST STATING WHAT I SAW FROM HIS INTERVIEWS FOR AL I KNOW HE COULD OF BEEN A SWEETHEART

    • Shannon Feathers says:

      I thought the same thing over and over again. Its like its easy to forget shes a grown woman cuz shes so little and cute.

    • CdnAngelXO says:

      A source tells E! News that Grande and Davidson had been having conversations about the future of their relationship and Ariana ended up calling off the engagement at the end of last week. However, she was at SNL on Saturday night and they were packing on the PDA, looking as involved with each other as ever, so that contributed to the shock when TMZ reported Sunday afternoon that they had broken up.

      Our source says that the pair still have high hopes that they can work things out and get back together, but for now they’re taking time apart.

      “Pete has really been there for Ariana,” the source says, “and she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but told him that right now is not the best time.”

    • ANGEL R. says:

      They were so happy together

    • Antsant 216 says:

      m_murf like what lele said you have to understand that he was a comedian and not everything he said was serious

    • Yamilet Watkins says:


  6. Md.Nazmul Alam Evan says:

    She started dating pete just 3 weeks after breaking up with Mac
    Pete was just a time pass for her

  7. Ishan Ali says:

    Ariana broke up with Pete!!! Suddenly my skin is clear and I’m Prospering in life

  8. Broken Unicorn says:

    Ok but what about the song literally called pete davidson? What she gonna do about that?

  9. I live for Tacos says:

    Lowkey waiting for justin and hailey to be on the news too lol everyone called it

  10. Skittles123452 says:

    Who else knew this was coming?

  11. jaja lebom says:

    I’m sure she is till in love with Mac, that’s why she can’t stay with Pete and maybe because Pete is high sometimes Idk but they were great toghether, that was fast too I hope she get better because she can’t handle all these problem (Manchester, Mac Miller, Pete, Anxiety) it’s so much for a human, I really don’t know if there a solution for her because it’s really hard, we miss the Happy Ariana. Ariana if you read this (and I’m sure that she is not but) take care of yourself please, stay with your family, you should take a break from all those things, I’m sure that’s the best thing to do and all Arianators agree with me, we love you Ariana, I would prefer that you take a break for 2 years and you ‘re gonna feel better than ever.

  12. Nessa Stylinson says:

    **pretends to be shook**

  13. Jamilah Zahirah Hadid says:

    Pete has BPD, I believe Ariana has BPD as well. Coming from someone with BPD themselves, the signs are extremely obvious. Jumping into an extremely serious relationship, ready and wanting to marry immediately. I hope they both look into DBT (Dialectical Based Thinking) for coping with this time. I am sending them both such loving, healing, positive energy. We love you!

  14. Mint Tea Sea says:

    Alexa play Mac Miller playlist

  15. Ari Hope says:

    Oh my god this is her worst relationship ever..

  16. odeleye camson says:

    This news is more about Mac miller than Pete 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Profesional Fangirl says:

    I just want to give her a hug. She’s been through so much in the past few years.

  18. John Gbenga Babington says:

    They were not goals please stop lying y’all. They’re relationship was dysfunctional

  19. lauren ordaz says:

    I think this is exactly what ariana has togo through after macs death-being single. The same situation happened recently with my ex of ten years who passed of a heroin overdose July, 12th. I was blamed by multiple people for his death and my boyfriend(at the time) was so upset I was(still am) broken of his death that i had to break up with him. Idk if that’s why they broke up but regardless what shes going through rn would tear ANYONE down.Negative people and situations are the last things she should be dealing with.

    • Brock Nichols says:

      Well, generally speaking of course, but we have to stick with the ones we love when times get tough. People are so quick to up and leave when times get hard… Arianna left mac, rather than fighting beside him… he loved and needed her. Now, mac is gone, and she needs him. See the irony? She could have saved him. He loved her. He went back to the drugs after she left. For this, I can never forgive her….

    • Large Fries says:

      I bet your pussy is so rancid

    • Large Fries says:

      lauren ordaz you know you are a piece of shit the world would be better without

    • A. says:

      +Brock Nichols She was fighting beside him for 2+ years. I have huge respect for Mac but at the end of the day he’s the one who’s responsible of his own life. How come people blame Ariana but not Mac’s parents or brother who braught him up and are his family after all? People claim “she was responsible” for him and his wellbeing and death, vice verca – it’s paradox. We don’t know the details but staying in a toxic relationship is draining and you should definately leave if u cannot take it anymore. Everyone is responsible for their own lives, and he was an adult man. Support is important but the afterall decision and action to overcome addiction lies within the addict. It’s not even taking sides it’s the way it is, though some people don’t want to face the truth – blaming someone is so much easier, after all.

    • A. says:

      @lauren i wish you all the best to get through this. take your time.

  20. Alexis Clayton says:

    She needs to take a break from dating and focus on herself.

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