Ariana Grande – breathin

Ariana Grande – breathin

sweetener out now
i love you

breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley

Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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45 Responses

  1. it's tara says:

    Omg I freaking love this song i’m in love with it its amazing ly too Ariana💓💕💝💋

  2. Lucia Mei says:


  3. Typical Chicks says:

    1. I got a dig bick
    2. you that read wrong
    3. you read that wrong too
    4. you checked
    5. you smiled
    7. you are wondering why you’re still this reading this
    8. you saw that mistake… right(on 7)
    10. but did you see I skipped 6?
    10. but you checked
    11. and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9
    12. I said saw you. not you saw
    13. I also skipped 2
    14. You got tricked
    15. Im just wasting your time go back to reading the comments

    I want my like 🙂

  4. Kaylee Kravitz says:

    Who’s here before #1 on trending?

  5. jose C says:

    I thought the pig one was the official video

  6. Maisie Vll says:

    Damn I’m actually here before it hits 1 million

  7. YourTypicalAJ says:

    ariana’s not breathing after being in that smoke the whole time

  8. Juliana Ruiz says:

    Aqui esta el comentario en español que buscabas….. dale like

  9. Johana Sokoli says:

    She has a beautiful voice she is really beautiful and she is really nice she has everything.

  10. Ximena 17 says:

    1:23 did y’all see the train monitor? Did my sis just reveal a little bit of the track list? 😮



  12. Karebear says:

    *waits for emery bingham’s green screen of this*

  13. AJ Brie Larson says:

    This album Sweetener acc been through with me since my toughest time in my life recently , it helped me really really really much to lift me up to get back on my own after everything that happened , friends , family , work and everything related to my life so I started listening to this every-single-day ! It’s just , so beautiful , and the meaning , ughhh I could never get tired of hearing it !!!
    She is the strongest person I’ve never known in my life , she’s so inspiring after everything she been through , that’s the reason why I adore and admire her so much in my life !
    And to all of you , who are reading this , just remember to keep Breathing , everything , is gonna be OKAY ! I promise !

  14. Pumpkinpiefish says:

    this is an actual work of art ☁️

  15. meera says:

    Who’s here before 1 million views?! ❤

  16. Lea says:

    Who is here before 1M 😊

  17. Soraia Ferreira says:

    You’re an angel 🖤😍🖤
    This video is so cool. I don’t even need to talk about the song, we all love it.

  18. JVN LEGENDAS says:

    🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷Arianators Brs, Legenda no meu canal. Espero que vc gostem 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  19. Digster Pop says:

    One of our fave tracks on Sweetener just got a great video ❤️❤️❤️

  20. alexisoverit says:

    *Who else loves our iconic Queen Ari and thinks she looks SO stunning? She’s killing it with her videos this era tbh.*
    btw anyone want to be yt friends? I make vlogs, I would really appreciate any support! 🙂

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