Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Celine Dion Impression

Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Celine Dion Impression

Ariana Grande and Jimmy impersonate Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson as they sing “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Celine Dion Impression

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20 Responses

  1. Kyles45Angel says:

    Spot on? She sounds like a sick goat.

  2. Darius Androsio says:

    Coming from a man (39), I have only to say, awesome and hilarious! She’s
    spunky, beautiful and hilarious! Her impersonation of Celine Dion was so
    funny, well, PERFECT, that I was actually crying I was laughing so hard.
    My daughter loves her so much, thinks she’s the best and has amazing
    talent, and she’s so right. 

  3. Brandi Brown says:

    now that was funny

  4. Andrea Lucia says:

    i love her soooo much <3

  5. Katia Amparo says:

    Queeen! Ah! Love her, so glad she got an opportunity to speak on a talk
    show this time lol. Glad it was Jimmy’s

  6. Richard Thompson says:

    If you close your eyes, Ariana’s voice is exactly like Justin Bieber’s

  7. Ade Arman says:

    My queen ❤

  8. Natasha O says:

    That was so good XD.
    She doesnt sound like Mariah Carey, shes twenty something. Like Im pretty
    sure some you guys are short too :s and she seems lovely.
    Humans are such an angry, hostile group of organisms

  9. Mariah Braxton-Wyatt says:

    If she *really* wanted to impersonate Céline Dion, her microphone should’ve
    been turned off… 

  10. turtlehater2 says:

    It’s a shame they make her sing pop songs. She’s got a voice no doubt
    about that.

  11. hightopnikes104 says:


  12. tegsar88 says:

    Hahahah love this so much 

  13. Jarl Lillebø says:

    We need more of this from her. I’ve never seen anything of her besides her
    music videos. I cant really say I like her current style of music, but I
    know she’s vocally talented, and she has really good humor 😀 As a person
    and not an artist, she seems fantastic 😀 Loosely based opinion after
    watching 1 talk show interview :p

  14. Lokezombie says:

    I’m not a fan but okay I have to admit, that was spot on. 

  15. The Ninja Pandas says:

    Ariana the right side of your face good thing it ain’t kim k’s you know
    what because Bart made a video and kinda made me mad

  16. Hydro_B145T says:

    Ariana Grande is sooo hot! Like if you agree!

  17. whatever says:

    lmao at 1:58 he just wanted the microphone back but ariana shook his damn
    hand lol

  18. Brad Davidson says:

    Who Cares!?

  19. MythicalSoccerBeast says:

    I think everybody would hit that.

  20. James Campbell-Laing says:

    In interviews she always seems super quiet and chill, and she says she
    never parties she just stays with her parents, you wouldnt think that at