Ariana Grande – God is a woman (Lyric Video)

Ariana Grande – God is a woman (Lyric Video)

Sweetener out 8.17
Pre-order now:

Director: Chris Shelley @Create
Editor: Remington Franklin
Producer: Light Switch Digital

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42 Responses

  1. MoonxEditsx says:

    For anyone who is offended or triggered like I was. She is not saying that God (Lord) is a woman. She’s talking about female empowerment. I think Something about how us Woman are called goddesses too. πŸ’—

  2. Somos Anjinhos says:

    I like ❀

  3. Somos Anjinhos says:


  4. Lily Paice says:

    this gave me chills woah …

  5. M says:

    2 hours till god is a woman music video!!!!

  6. A.R.M.Y says:

    Es una diosa, la amo πŸ’›

  7. Imsiimexox says:

    Song : amazing
    Ariana : beautiful
    Wig : snatched

  8. Larissa Santos says:

    God is a woman

    And she’s black

    • Nicholas Rodrigues says:

      Lmao she isn’t talking about how God(the one above) is a woman she’s talking about it in the sense of feminine empowerment. So you saying it as the one above and the fact that it’s black is ignorant

    • Red Bob SquarePants says:

      R Dan I wanna make a joke about God being a queer attack helicopter, but I don’t want to get struck by lightning.

    • Staz_KorraGG says:

      She also has a dick too. And yes also a vagina……shhhhhh tell no one

    • Amaanye13 Msp says:

      U guys shouldn’t be making jokes about this.

  9. Yamely.Estrabao Rodriguez says:

    I literally cannot wait for SWEETENER to come out!!!!! I’m so proud of Ariana!!!! She comes releasing hit after hit after hit!!!!

  10. Oliver Fenelon ChΓ© says:


  11. Paul Miller says:

    I hope she performs this song soon because these vocals are addicting!😍😍❀❀πŸ”₯

  12. Victor Alexandre Ribeiro says:

    I loved this music!

  13. Dominic Perez says:

    This video is EXTRA HERETICAL! Better lay the Exterminatus on these hoes!

  14. Paul Miller says:

    Ariana is such a bop maker, serving bop after bop, I love her so much πŸ”₯❀❀😍😍

  15. Paul Miller says:

    We love a bop making shishtar❀❀

  16. Blessing BeyoncΓ© says:

    God is an African black woman!

  17. Ruben Morales says:

    *Hey Ariana, Did you like my video where I draw you?* 😱😍

  18. PopNews ES says:


  19. Eleonayo Miguel says:

    *#13 in Brazil*

  20. Como Cantar says:

    *Genesis **1:27*

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