Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – “Love Me Harder” Live on Honeymoon Tour (4/8/15)

Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – “Love Me Harder” Live on Honeymoon Tour (4/8/15)

Ariana Grande is joined on stage by her friend Justin Bieber to perform her hit song “Love Me Harder” during her Honeymoon Tour concert on Wednesday (April 8) at The Forum in Los Angeles.

The song usually features vocals from The Weeknd.

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20 Responses

  1. Pamela Loo says:

    With although respect Big Sean ,I think JB and ariana grande would look
    great as a couple I would be 100% happy in every way if they were a couple

  2. Eldin Arifovic says:

    Looks Like Justin Bieber Is Trying To Start Something With Big Sean, Kick
    His Ass Big Sean!!

  3. OhSheIndia says:

    She wanted him to grab her so bad at 1:55 lmao, he started smiling like
    “Look bitch u gone get me in trouble lets not do this in public” lmaoo 

  4. cj wins says:

    He wants to hit that so bad!!! Lol

  5. OhSheIndia says:

    She would look to see if he was looking and then do something sexual, its
    like she wanted it.. I bet it was awkward as hell backstage lmaok 

  6. Christa Hall says:

    Boyfriend and girlfriend kiss kiss

  7. Conii Swagger says:


  8. zach deveney says:

    He’s getting back into performing he doesn’t sound his best because she was

  9. OhSheIndia says:

    Even as someone who isn’t a huge fan of Ariana and Justin, they are super
    cute together. I think he can handle her and she can handle him and their
    chemistry is through the roof !! Just imagine if Ariana didn’t have a
    boyfriend how explicit this performance would have been 

  10. Kiss Couture says:

    Where exactly was it too touchy? It’s a PERFORMANCE, it is obviously
    CHOREOGRAPHED and it still was not anything that was over the top,
    especially for a LOVE SONG. I was expecting bump and grinding.. sighhh I
    guess twitter ran out of trending topics so decided to scrape the bottom of
    the barrel.

  11. Shreya Bhardwaj says:

    You know what’s the reality, people talk hell lot of shit about Justin ,
    but everyone goes crazy when they see him. Haters gonna hate. Ha !

  12. laxmi unn says:

    Who else saw justin bieber do the lip bite at 3:15-3:16. Omfg

  13. jeck90105 says:

    Just a random question…. Is JB dating Kendall Jenner? 

  14. Lorenzo Cornielje says:

    WTF is bieber doing,pervert

  15. bethany - says:

    great performance + i think ariana and justin are cute but just as friends

  16. Sandy Innih says:

    Big Seans probably already in the studio recording a new song after
    watching this video .. DAMN CLOSE MEHNN

  17. Claudia Noemy says:

    just must be so amazing and beautiful to see justin and ariana singing
    together , but just are things that i’ll never see in my life :c

  18. kristin michaels says:

    LOL 2:01 Justin “shes getting dirty”

  19. BacksteinEntertain says:

    i dont blame him ……

  20. Fa-Ann .P says:

    Okay so they definitely did something backstage.. the way he smiles when
    she comes closer nah dont buy that shit lol