Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Official)

Ariana Grande – One Last Time (Official)

One Last Time available for download on the full album “My Everything” here:
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20 Responses

  1. john papanikolaou says:

    Who else thinks that the guy at the end is Robby from Victorious???


  2. Nurbolat Kanatov says:


  3. Ashly Keesler says:

    this has to be my favorite music video from her <3

  4. Miguel Angel Reyes says:

    except of the sky it isn’t a professional video. :C

  5. Devante 2003 says:

    Okayy.. I like the song but i don’t understand the videoclip, but i do like
    the part of Ariana & Matt tough!.

  6. Alex TheUngreat says:

    I would have followed her through all that shit, no joke.

  7. summer jones says:

    i know i have alredy commented on this but no one knows how much i love
    this i love this so much its amazing i love you forever ariana cant wait to
    hear more music off you i know its going to be awesome and i cant wait to
    see you start acting again (if you do) xxx love ya gurl xxxx

  8. Luka Ivanković says:

    Sexy as always and great song/video! Keep it up!

  9. Rah Pinheiro says:

    Essa bixa ta Metida Com o Movie Maker só pode 

  10. Halima Ahmed Saleh says:

    Its amazing

  11. Medhi Zizou says:

    c’est trop bien je l’as chantes trop bien !! mais le clip est très tu as
    raison 😀 

  12. Domildo Remi Manuel Dodasparque says:

    Eu gosto muito do video

  13. Isobel McIntyre says:

    I get it Ariana means one last time, because she wanted to spend more time
    with her boyfriend but they were about to die.

  14. Rachelsl says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I love the song so freaking much!!!! And of course the video
    was AMAZINGGGGG!!!
    LOVE U ARI ♡

  15. Alejandro Aguilar says:
  16. Michael Selvais says:

    i fucked my replay button when i saw her ass.. someone else to? 

  17. Sarai Robles says:


  18. Adele Johansson says:

    Love youuuu and your voice<3

  19. Puppy Drimek says:

    Ariana cool song 🙂 I love all your hits! ;3 I’m your number one fan and I
    hope that someday I will meet you! ^-^

  20. Rachel Hoctor says:

    I am so confused