Ariana Grande – One Last Time (One Love Manchester)

Ariana Grande – One Last Time (One Love Manchester)

Ariana Grande performs One Last Time at One Love Manchester.

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20 Responses

  1. fizzy gee says:

    Was Justin there at the end ???

  2. Κυριακος Λαζαριδης says:

    Onions needed me…

  3. Joanna Marquez says:

    First person to reply is gao

  4. simon lloyd says:

    i feel so sad for my country that our political correctness and ruling class have handed our country and our continent to a barbarous religion determined upon our destruction, and we are letting it happen…this was such a beautiful event, but ‘love trumps hate’ type slogans gloss over the deeper, sinister under current..

  5. Beray Helin Durgun says:

    i watched the show online and i cried so hard it was so heartbreaking to see her cry

  6. Edna Silva says:

    Ariana Grande

  7. Rex Reather says:

    Is anyone brave enough to name the problem??

  8. Mel Peixoto says:

    where is justin?

  9. Kittie Belieber says:

    I Cry when Ariana Cry

  10. Ren.White says:

    Mac at 3:20 watching Ariana.. that boy is in awe.

  11. Nicolas Francoeur says:

    I like it, but why katy looks so happy? I’m not hating on katy but this was for the lost of innocent people..

  12. Geovanna Pinheiro says:

    Katy e Niall 💖💜💜❤😍😍

  13. Mk.727 4D says:

    Hey Guys I’m a Muslim please Guys non Muslim please let’s just spread love instead of hate this whole thing (AmazingEpicConcert) I love Ari
    its goal is to be united no matter what religion (ISIS They have no religionNorhearts) are you Christian are you jew are you Hindu atheist ..let’s just enjoy our time and leave in peace I’m so happy after this please let’s just respect each other remember Love&truth always win Islam is not terrorism if you think about it we are the one who are most affected by ISIS look at Syria Irak Libya and so many hurt peaceful Muslims please our religion doesn’t promote hate nor killing people I dare anyone tell me it is IT’S NOT so yeah anyway let’s keep been happy and loving and kind to each other 💚💕💞💙✌👍😘🙋☺😊🌹🌼🌻🌸🌺 and wow what a concert

  14. Cindy Lee says:

    lmao at 3:21 Pharrell looks bored

  15. Hibon Poli says:

    I’m not hating, but her singing wasn’t good here…

  16. My Boring World says:

    I’ll be praying for the ones who died in the blast but I’ll also be praying for the innocent British Muslims in England because only God knows how much hate they will receive for the actions of these hideous terrorist. TERRORISTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS!

  17. Nicole Leonard says:

    Katy and Niall linking arms is my favorite thing ever…One Love Manchester <3

  18. Djangoo Q says:

    In Portuguese ‘Grande’ means Big which she is a Big Woman with an Amazing heart. You did it babygirl 🙏🏼❤️ You made them and us proud 🙏🏼

  19. lisa pan says:

    Where’s “WE ARE THE WORLD 🌎 ” ? This song would be perfect 👌🏽

  20. kung fu kenny says:

    I’m in tears. Ariana has truly one of the kindest and bravest souls in the music industry for doing this. Never really been a die-hard fan of hers, but this is just beautiful. I’m sure she feels devastated and guilt for what happened and I just hope she realizes she had no part in it whatsoever and spreads nothing but love from this performance. #PrayForManchester.

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