Ariana Grande Performs ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love’ – The Disney Family Singalong

Ariana Grande Performs ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love’ – The Disney Family Singalong

Pop music superstar Ariana Grande performs ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love’ from Disney’s ‘Hercules’ during ‘The Disney Family Singalong.’ Watch the full special and highlights on ABC and Hulu! #stayhome #withme

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44 Responses

  1. Malcolm R. says:

    She has a unique ability unlike anything I have ever heard.

  2. Chilliii Cherriii says:

    Editor: Ariana do you need autotune?
    Ariana: No! Autotune needs *ME*

  3. Micky Myers says:

    Notice how she changed the lyric to “go” be proud instead of saying “don’t” be proud… yet the subtitles still say “dont” …..

    • Hege Official says:

      I had to go back to check, you’re right. I like Ari’s version more. She always empower women and I love her for it.

  4. Daniel Fraine says:

    If she doesn’t play live action meg I will have to pass away for personal reasons

  5. Khristian Toelupe says:

    When “we love Disney” said she was singing a Hercules song, did anyone else expect this song and get “zero to hero”? I mean I live for her zero to hero cover but I envisioned her singing this 😪 and then I got it 😭💕

    • A H says:

      She already did zero to hero which is probably why she did this song

    • In The Mood For- says:

      @A H thats what they were saying. Everyone expected Arianas song on We Love Disney to be this but instead it was Zero To Hero, which is why op is glad we got this.

    • A H says:

      @In The Mood For- ik what they were saying. I was just saying why we got this song

  6. Jaylord Zamora says:

    Virus: Im Gonna end all artist careers

    Ariana: Wait, im gonna call my choirs

  7. urgle burgle says:

    if disney doesn’t cast her as megara after this, they’re out of their minds

    edit: since there’s a bit of debate in the comments, i know it’s highly unlikely that she would be cast as megara, but it’s nice to at least dream about it lol

  8. fuzzioboy says:

    ABC: “How many backup singers do you need?”

    Ariana: “No”

  9. Kenneth Reyes says:

    Disney: how many back up singers do you want?
    Ariana: YES.

  10. sophieee says:

    Ariana needs to have her own Disney princess movie

  11. Dylan Brown says:

    I think she must really like this movie. She also did Zero to Hero for a Disney compilation a few years back. She should just do the whole soundtrack now tbh

  12. Ariana Cute says:

    Disney: Hey Ariana should we get you back up singer? Ariana: Hold my giraffe

  13. Leo says:

    Disney: How many chorus girls do you need?
    Ariana: No

  14. Joy Mboya says:

    Disney: “Ariana should we provide back up singers?”

    Ariana: “Is that a question? No no no!”

  15. Sariana says:

    If you are Arianator..😀

    👇Make this blue and stay safe😊

  16. Zedd Grande says:

    Ariana’s manager revealed that Ariana did her make-up herself, she harmonizes with herself and she edited the whole thing on her PHONE by herself for that Disney Cover.

  17. MinniexMollie says:

    No one:

    Ariana: *sings main and backing vocals herself, dressed colour coded to the characters and brought props*

  18. mxrham says:

    Producer: So how many backup singers you want?

    Ariana: *what is a backup singers?*

  19. It’s Me says:

    Ariana harmonizing with herself is the best thing I’ve heard

  20. Ryann Ryan says:

    Literally can’t stop watching this. It’s like SO good

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