Ariana Grande Performs “Natural Woman” at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Ariana Grande Performs “Natural Woman” at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Ariana Grande performed a stirring rendition of Aretha Franklin’s ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ in tribute to the Queen of Soul at her funeral in Detroit.

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80 Responses

  1. GarageStudio says:

    2:43 Seeing your ex excelling without you 😥

  2. GarageStudio says:

    3:03 She definitely moved the White people in that church 😅

  3. GarageStudio says:

    Hilary, come get yo’ Husband
    & what the heck are you doing “Pastor” 3:42 #NastyOldMen

    P.S. *Ariana* has a pretty voice but her voice couldn’t carry this well; it’s like she was overpowered by the music…

  4. GarageStudio says:

    *JHud & Fantasia* had the same mic & they delivered, *Ariana’s* voice just isn’t strong enough for this…

  5. reddtexx81 says:

    Ummm…where do I start? So since she is very young I wont roast her. I will say she needs a new glam team and a mentor. That hair should have been slicked back into either a bun or a low pony,axe the choker and put her into a tailored paint suit. She clearly doesn’t have guidance. This was a well respected woman of class and dignity funeral service. There’s just a respect level. Now on to the song..uh not sure why that song was chosen,but regardless, it was a snooze. It was a cute karaoke number….but shout out to the shady cameraman filming Big Sean😂😂😂

    • Ashley Nicole says:

      Zoë Rae it’s a comment section lol it’s asking for anything

    • Coconut Milk says:

      She’s Ariana Grande the pony tail is her trademark so are the short dresses, she is Ariana Grande. But the real question is who the FUCK are you?

    • Quentin Bradford says:

      Given that Ariana’s a talentless skank who doesn’t give a fuck for anyone but herself, what else would you expect? She just needs to fall off the face of the earth (maybe 6 feet under the face would be good place for her)!

    • reddtexx81 says:

      Coconut Milk someone who got YOUR attention 🤔🤔…..bahahahaha!!….somebody come cancel this stan troll.

    • Callmee Kitty says:

      reddtexx81 Aretha stayed w her titties out, she would’ve worn something like this stfu

  6. Chiara Cami says:

    Okay sis did amazing and, proud feminist here but hey, I personally would never wear that at a funeral. You wouldn’t want a man showing up in shorts either so in this case, talking about dressing appropriately doesn’t have anything to do with sexism. In certain contexts there are a set of rules that are supposed to be followed in respect of whoever made them. Also, it’s a damn funeral.

    • jobosorio7 says:

      Chiara Cami she can wear whatever the fuck she wants shes a grown woman

    • Bunnarak Theng says:

      I totally agree with you. Some people might say “she’s a woman who can do whatever she desires”. You can’t just wear bikini to a funeral. It has nothing to do with sexism. Just wear appropriate clothes to appropriate occasions.

    • Oregonian says:

      Chiara Cami she’s not gonna see this comment. Stop talking to yourself

    • Robert legitd00d says:

      Yeah, she looks like she’s going out to a club, this is what happens when we’re not allowed to criticize women

    • Tyler Hunter says:

      Liu Kang – No one is criticizing Ariana herself for being attractive. They’re criticizing her dress which is, indeed, inappropriate for a funeral. Aretha may have loved the outfit *in a different context*. Not at a funeral.

  7. GarageStudio says:

    3:47 Ariana’s reaction to that “Pastor” groping her boob 😒

    • Jacqueline Yamaguchi says:

      +Maggie Edwards this just popped up #1 trending news for the BBC! Glad it’s garnering a lot of attention! He was made to give an official apology. Someone tweeted he gave her a damn mammogram on live telly! I love the internet sometimes!

    • Louis H Garfield says:

      dude what “pornos” do you watch where the girl is dressed like that? thats not how a girl dresses in porn.

    • Nasida N says:

      You can clearly see it on her face, she looks extremely uncomfortable and wants to get away from him. and there was no need for him to grab her in that manner, they’re pretty much strangers. how disgusting. he obviously has zero respect for her

    • Leslie Cardenas says:

      +hello! i was grouped i know what it is

    • Leslie Cardenas says:

      +Maggie Edwards Im not i was grouped idot a boy touched my boob trust me im not

  8. Maria Theresa says:

    He should remove from service, his a very dangerous pastor.

  9. AyyGin says:

    You know she was creeped out too by the way she ran off the stage

  10. OkayFloat Records says:

    Remember that time Ariana Grande was insulted and groped on live television at a funeral celebrating a powerful female artist but everyone was more concerned about how short her skirt was? 🤨

    • vicki smith says:

      Well said

    • JohnnyB Good says:

      Remember that time when everyone was offended by everything. And people couldn’t go five minutes without worrying about offending those who are easily offended. Grow up, his intent was not to grope her.

    • miah lo says:

      OkayFloat Records to come as we are so we can have our lives cleaned up when we get saved you left that out or maybe you just didn’t know , god still wants us women to dress modestly . And to sit here and say god doesn’t care he does he made everything of course he cares god cares about everything

    • Elise K says:

      sooo truee

    • N E W E L V I S . says:

      JohnnyB Good


  11. Ann Sowers says:

    Absolutely he put his hand on his breast!!!!!!

  12. pinksmurf10 says:

    I agree with her dress being inappropriate for the church service, however people who are saying her arms need to be covered are stupid, nearly every woman is showing her arms and shoulders. Just the dress could have been longer but oh well. Also the pastor situation….so awkward lol

    • Harriet Tubman says:

      “people who are saying her arms need to be covered are stupid,” No, you are.

    • Joanne C. says:

      At least shoulders should be covered, and the dress should be longer

    • M Mmm says:

      Have people not seen her God is a woman music video? Why is it a surprise that she would wear a dress like that to church? When a person mocks God and uses God to make a statement about their sex life it’s not because they have a fear of God but because they really don’t care about what anyone or God thinks.

    • President Donald Duck says:

      No, her arms should be covered, lol. Dressed should be longer, for sure. Maybe her shoulders should be covered, but arms? Not really. But after all, Miss Grande seems like she doesn’t care much about this anyway, sadly.

    • Natural Froing hair says:

      +M Mmm dude that barely had to with Christian. Your forget Christian aren’t the only one that believe in God.

  13. Reina Rivera says:

    I love how they zoomed in on Big Sean 😂😂😂

  14. Talisson Vianna says:

    Big Sean watching Ari here …”I still loving Best Mistake song ” duo !❤

  15. stickyliverhopkins says:

    how about that molestation?? can I get an amen 🙏 🤢🤮

  16. LaToya Forever says:

    Okay vocals are bomb can’t deny that. That outfit is bomb can’t deny that either. The stylist on the other hand has never been to a black funeral in a church!!!!

  17. Brad weyand says:

    PSA Ariana isn’t in charge of her clothes, her stylist is. They thought that Ariana should wear the dress so she trusted them. If you want to blame someone, blame the stylist. Also, Ariana had a bad mic which is probably why she gets drowned out at some parts. Give the girl some slack. She had a lot going against her.

  18. Sau Tafao says:

    Arianna has great vocals but it didn’t show on this performance.

  19. Jade says:

    The back up singers weren’t needed

  20. John Smith says:

    Did she not get the memo that this was a funeral?

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