Ariana Grande Performs ‘Thank U, Next’ | Women in Music

Ariana Grande Performs ‘Thank U, Next’ | Women in Music

Ariana Grande performs ‘Thank U, Next’ at Billboard’s Women in Music 2018.

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71 Responses

  1. Beth - says:

    Why’s she so out of breath bless her

  2. xTinax xSalvatorex says:

    0:23 She almost cried?? Aww 😭

  3. BOMBAexpress says:

    Word “Malcolm” and shes almost crying again. How can anyone accuse her of using his death to promote herself.

  4. Feriel Abdelmoumene says:

    1:43 Hayley kiyoko sitting next lauren jauregui omg 😭😭😍😍

  5. Noob Master says:

    She even say the F word out ok…

  6. Contortionist 04 says:

    Artists who don’t lip sync sound a little raspy and not their best. You sounded beautiful Ari♡

  7. Zhaira Jei Santos / zhairuh says:

    So T-T-T-Thank U, Next (laughs) 🖤

  8. DJ WiFi says:

    I love ariana grande so much

  9. MLisLife says:

    Guys don’t ever think the crowded would jumping and screaming like it’s a concert 🤦 it was a formal occasion and most of them are celebrities duh

  10. lux lisbon says:

    she always closes her eyes when she’s singing the Mac part

  11. Ayaz X says:

    Never used to really listen to Ariana but this is a tune! I’m a fan!

    Had to cover this hope you can take a look on my channel 🙂

  12. Diamond Darby says:

    I feel like yall dont understand how emotional this song is and how broken she is its therapeutic for her but this is the first time shes performed this song by herself the only reason she even semi held it together on ellen was because she had her bffs on stage cheering her up Victoria literally had to keep making silly faces and stuff and she still almost cried give her a break.

  13. Alex Alex says:

    No hate!! But her performance in ellen show was a lot better 😅

    • Becca C says:

      I don’t agree I think it’s better just her without choreography

    • the disabled mermaid says:

      I like both each show emotion and I just want to hug her,I can’t image how hard this song is to sing for here. I don’t even know malcolm and I’m crying like a baby so she’s got some tough balls for sure.

      This performance was ment to be more businesslike not causal like Ellen’s and she definitely messed up during Ellen’s but ur was all do to emotions yet again.

    • E H says:

      in this one she was alone, she almost cried and she was nervous af. she deserves a damn break

    • red velvet says:

      it looked like she wanted to cry in more than one part 🙁

    • Music Channel 1738 says:

      Give her a damn brake

  14. SAPxEDITS says:

    Not her best performance, but let’s be honest, she can just stand there and amaze me

  15. cryptic lana x says:

    1:43 I see you Lauren jauregui 😁

  16. Jennifer A. says:

    Omg she looks so good!.. she gained a little weight and looks so much healthier 🥰

  17. Jaja Lebom says:

    1:56 *” One da….YEAH thank u, next”* LOL

  18. Emma Nouwen says:

    the woman at 2:17 is secretly dancing but they filmed her because the rest of the public were plants

  19. Ryan Bonner says:

    I love her little imperfections and how she can just laugh it off. Performances aren’t supposed to be a studio version. They’re supposed to be live, so if you mess up, good! I as a fan love being reminded that they are still human too. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  20. tenorbuds says:

    Beautiful performance by Ariana and I’m so happy she won the Woman of the Year award. She deserves it. Not only is she an incredible artist, she has gone through so much this year and being able to learn and grow from it all just shows how strong and brave she truly is. Also she got her first #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with this amazing song and we just covered “thank u next” on my channel, hope you will watch it. Congrats Ariana on all your success this year. I love you.

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