Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me (Audio)

Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me (Audio)

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20 Responses

  1. AbbieLovesTheVamps says:


  2. Omgkacey says:

    Cant wait for more of her Christmas songs

  3. Magcon1magines ig says:

    #Arianators #ArianaArmy #TinyElephants
    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    Ariana slays so fuck you

  4. Lauren Moxham says:

    Love you ari

  5. ElenaTamara VideosSerbia says:


  6. Kevin Wong says:

    All the haters are so rude and too aggressive 

  7. jasmine zakori says:


  8. Melissa Pool says:

    Thought it was about time for a new Christmas song and this is perfect! NO

  9. robin ooijkaas says:

    this song is a verry verry good song
    I love you Ariana Grande

  10. skyman 3823c says:

    She’s got a voice of an angel 

  11. jbsel11 says:


  12. Ann Cantu says:

    I am seeing her in consent

  13. Violetta Music Love says:

    I love this song!!

  14. Beatrice Battistoni says:

    Wow bellissimo lo adoro come adoro te ariana
    i love ariana continua così resterai grande

  15. Daud Rotama says:

    Stop, just stop with the comparison….
    Why don’t you just focus on this beautiful song and ARIANA than comparing
    her to Mariah? Please, just please stop it…

  16. Victoria T. says:

    AMEZING 😮 love u grandee

  17. Chimene Bisscheroux says:

    Please don’t hate Big Sean! He’s amazing dudess. And they are cute

  18. Ashleigh Yeargan says:

    I love this song!!!!!!

  19. Cam Price says:


  20. Romane Choiselle says:

    Y love you aria e grande !!!!!!