Ariana Grande – thank u, next (audio)

Ariana Grande – thank u, next (audio)

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40 Responses

  1. Jimin’s Jams says:

    YES SNAP GIRL !! & she used their names… YASSS QUEEN !! 👑 ❤️!!

  2. Haley Random says:

    “Wish I could say “thank you” to Malcolm. Cause’ he was an angel.” 😭💝

  3. ScarlettP says:

    To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

  4. PopcornDude 20 says:

    To think she came from a show where the producer had a foot fetish

  5. guitar bitch says:

    “Wish i could said thank u to malcolm” 😭😭😭

  6. Tamashi Atisuto says:

    These powerful lyrics sent my wig into orbit 😭😔🤟🏾💖

  7. 8D AUDIO says:

    8D version of this track on our channel.

  8. Meg!! Meg! says:

    I’m very curious to know who is going to be her next boyfriend??🤔🤔🤔

  9. Elizabeth Calderon says:

    ON TO THE NEXT Y’ALL!!!👏👏👏 every relationship leaves you with lessons learned!!!!

  10. FridayPlaylist says:

    Instrumental on my page 🔥❗️

  11. matt bardot says:

    when she called malcolm an angel, i cried 😢

  12. Jenn'sCrazyLife says:

    When she said “Malcolm” 😭

  13. AlexisHoward13 says:

    “Wish I can say ‘thank you’ to Malcolm, ‘cause he was an angel👼🏻” We miss you Mac! ❤️❤️

  14. Lorena Mendoza says:

    When Ariana singed ” Wish I could say thank you to Malcom because he was an angel” 😭😪
    R.I.P MAC 👼🏻

  15. Leoland says:


  16. ASMR bubble says:

    Wish I could say thank you to Malcom cause he was an angel…. my little heart💔

  17. Daniela Betancurth says:

    Me encanta 😍👏👑

  18. Amira Elzokm says:

    “one taught me love” = sean
    “one taught me patience” = pete
    “one taught me pain” = ricky
    “i’ve loved and i’ve lost” = mac

  19. ILove Anime says:

    *I’m not a Ariana Grande fan but I do think she’s extremely talented. I just wanted say after 10hours have gone by and she has 1.8 million views and it’s all thanks to her incredible fan base. You guys are appolutely amazing and so supportive that’s very inspiring to see* ❤️

  20. CareLessKeith says:

    *Thank you* for this

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