Ariana Grande – thank u, next (behind the scenes – part 1)

Ariana Grande – thank u, next (behind the scenes – part 1)

Song available here:
Official video:
BTS directed by: Alfredo Flores

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43 Responses

  1. Beyo God Child says:

    What Jennifer said about Ariana and the Song hit me right in the heart.

  2. Bullying Solves Nothing says:

    Matt and Ariana are literal goals

  3. Gaming With Kat says:

    Who else ships Ari and Matt?

  4. yass qween says:

    i cant be the only one who ships matt and ari

  5. SavannahFDL says:

    this girl’s voice…
    either she’s from heaven or she kidnapped an angel…

  6. •a s h a• says:

    Jennifer Coolidge *Legend*

    anyone else notice that

  7. Honey Dawson says:

    Don’t know about y’all but Robbie’s fine 🤧💅🏽

  8. Debbie A. says:

    Ahhhh, Matt and Ari’s friendship is so cuteee!!💕

  9. huke lemmings says:

    I ship Matt and Ariana so much bye

  10. shistar shook says:


    • Jacob Monroe says:

      Ariana killed Mac miller

    • Hi my name's Catrina says:

      +Jacob Monroe fuck off

    • no really, Why don't we? says:

      +Israel Soria but She shouldn’t have shaded them out of nowhere like that I thought she was very immature and desperate for attention .. each own have different ways to fame who didn’t say that the Kardashians got it easy? They get shamed on daily basis and they keep fighting to stay relevant cause of they disappeared they would be forgetting unlike Reese cause she’s an actress.

    • cookie w says:

      Somebody always saying what should have been… It’s the way She wanted Her video to be

    • no really, Why don't we? says:

      +Israel Soria also I said that not because I don’t like her for throwing shade but because Kris Jenner was there

  11. Yifu Aura Gong says:

    Is the Part 2 gonna have Troye making that cute sound when u push him?

  12. Tavo Santos says:

    I’m in love with Matt Benett

  13. Can I get 3000 subscribers without any videos? says:

    90% in the comments about Ariana and Matt
    10% about other things

  14. Valentina says:

    4:29 Jennifer Coolidge

    perfect title lmao i love her

  15. Postmalonescigarettes V1 says:

    Im in love w how she did this entire shoot, bringing in kris jenner and her friends from victorious were just the icing on the cake 😭 im so proud of her creativity omg

  16. ninjarevv says:

    Honestly I don’t get how this was her first number 1. Clearly we’re all shocked.

  17. Kawaii Pizza Horse says:

    I get that Ari just got out of a relationship and people would go for her for moving on so fast like they did before, but I low key ship Ari and Matt. Mattiana for life

  18. Mike vlogs says:

    Ariana and Matt will be a good couple❤

  19. theamandacarreiro says:

    toulouse is so professional wow an inspiration

  20. Eric Champlin says:

    I actually really like how this “behind the scenes” was filmed like it was in the 90s 🙂

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