Ariana Grande – thank u, next (bloopers + deleted scene)

Ariana Grande – thank u, next (bloopers + deleted scene)

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  1. SofiaR X says:

    0:00-1:59 Honestly, this would be so entertaining as a film.

  2. Misirca Burian says:

    ???? THANK U , NEXT B I TCH ????? “I am Arina Grande ”
    Guy: ” Ariana what ”
    ARI:” ARIANA BIG.” ??? I LOVE YOU ARIANA ❤❤❤❤???

  3. PROUD LOVATIC says:

    3:37 i love that part! 3:40 omg!!!! Colleen’s water breaking scene! ❤️!

  4. R B says:

    *they keep me young* oooh Kris youll never get old honey

  5. willame oliveira says:

    2:36 tadinho do troye ?

  6. Jo says:

    Lol Colleens water broke in high school XD

  7. Lauren Hall says:

    who’s here before 1 million views???

  8. Msp/roblox/ Dance says:

    Ariana: ” Hi I’m ariana”
    Man: ariana what?
    Ariana: that’s right. BIGG
    me: yeah if you guys didn’t know, grande means big in Spanish so thats probably why she said it XD

  9. Shehrazade Uchiha says:

    Old guy-Ariana what???
    Ariana-Yeah thats right Big,…

  10. Ninja Army Gaming says:

    3:40 ?????
    Colleens water breaking was the funniest thing ever ???

  11. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    Ariana Grande = Like
    Selena Gomez = Comment

  12. official.DiegoP says:

    Whos better? ?

    Ariana = like

    Nicki Minaj = comment

  13. Atif Troudi says:

    . . Finally I can say this

    Who’s watching in 2k19 ? ???.

  14. Annabananna says:

    It’s weird seeing Ari acting without her Cat Valentine voice lol

  15. Aidilicious 04 says:

    Kris jenner ruled the deleted scene!!???

  16. Megan Phillips says:

    *STILL A BOP* and omg these deleted scenes are freaking hilarious ?❤

  17. Simran 167 says:

    I’m getting cat valentine vibes ?

  18. honeymoon ariana says:

    oml baby these are so cute?
    thank u for giving them to us?
    also i can’t wait to see you in september ily?☁️

  19. talissa q says:

    “i had a big lunch” LMAOOOO felt that

  20. exenly says:

    *ariana looks ADORABLE with those glasses OMG*

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