Ariana Grande – the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj

Ariana Grande – the light is coming ft. Nicki Minaj

the light is coming (Official Video)
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Video Director: Dave Meyers
Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Video Editor: Nick Gilberg
for Freenjoy, Inc.

Music video by Ariana Grande performing the light is coming. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings,

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52 Responses

  1. LeakGrande says:

    this song is a promotional single! it’s not the official second single of sweetener!! ? ariana just said that on instagram!
    now be happy with the music video, normally promo singles are not getting any video! ?

    be alright, let me love you & best mistake are also promo singles btw!
    ari’s second official single is probably coming 20th july!!! ?

  2. Alondra Guzmán says:

    The beat is catchy idc what anyone says but the lyrics are just trash, boo I know you can do better

  3. Alana Mayfield says:

    I love Ari and everything… But I’m still not digging this though

  4. Unicornia V says:

    I’m so sorry Ari, but, this isn’t a very good song( that’s my opinion)
    Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry , sorry, sorry.

  5. Jordan S'vante says:

    I’m a big Ari fan, been one for years. I like the message but I do not like this song. I hope the album has more powerhouse songs showcasing her beautiful voice.

  6. Safa Nanji says:

    Lmao this song might be better if they guy in the background would just shut up

  7. Minna Linnea says:


  8. Kisiel says:

    I love song ??
    Im is from Poland ! ?

  9. MateusTubeX says:

    *Why a lot of people didn’t like this song ? ?*
    I guess cool, but of course she can do more better than this !!!

  10. Toxic says:

    Here before 10 mil ??

  11. Skylar Brooke says:


  12. Seino Parks says:

    Dont get why people hate this song! Ariana could never release a flop!?

  13. Robert Azevedo says:

    *Cadê os Brasileiros??* ??????

  14. Young Orange says:

    I never thought kat would do all this

  15. Young Orange says:

    This is ??????

  16. Young Orange says:

    This is so amazing ?

  17. Mattheew ARG says:

    Omg las amoooo

  18. Mattheew ARG says:

    Alguien Habla Spanish???

  19. Aislynn Arteaga says:


  20. Mundo Pop Legendas says:

    Cade Os Br ? assista a tradução dessa musica legendado em PT-BR clique aqui

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