Ariana Madix Throws Shade at Raquel Leviss’ Pageantry | WWHL

Ariana Madix Throws Shade at Raquel Leviss’ Pageantry | WWHL

During the After Show, Ariana Madix shares her reaction to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Molly Shannon, and Kristin Chenoweth giving their hot takes on Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair. The Vanderpump Rules star throws shade at Lisa Vanderpump’s “beauty queen” comment and notes that Raquel has never even won a beauty pageant. She also expresses her thoughts on the Dancing With The Stars rumors and Candiace Dillard Bassett’s finale live tweets.

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36 Responses

  1. sukidawter says:

    If the phrase “the best revenge is living well” was a person, it would be Ariana. Slay queen!

  2. CJ C says:

    Ariana is an inspiration to any woman that thinks they can’t survive without their partner.

  3. k says:

    She’s glowing from the inside out. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time. I’m so stoked for her, she deserves it after everything

  4. Justine Gray says:

    Love that she corrected the record about Rachel not actually being a beauty queen. In one of the earlier reunions Rachel literally described herself as a beauty queen even though she has never actually won anything, which is beyond cringe.

    • takobella says:

      Lmao that’s so hilarious and sad

    • Ivette Lopez says:

      She actually did win Miss Sonoma

    • Gloria Watkins says:

      Omg she never placed, wow she’s really full of herself just bc she participated?? What omg!! That’s hilarious

    • Vava Voom says:

      That’s such a weird term… isn’t “beauty queen” outdated?? Haven’t they just referred to themselves as their current or won title for like, decades now? 🤔

    • Maura Venezzio says:

      When you do pageants if you don’t win, they give you a city title so you can compete at the next level. You don’t have to win to receive a city title.

  5. Angie Haddington says:

    I live for Ariana. She’s by far the most grown up woman on the show, she always has been. She is holding herself with grace and dignity. She’s honest and fair. She is a queen.

    • real_abiola says:

      Ummm have we watched the same show? All she ever did was stick up for the toms especially if it was against another woman. She was a fence rider.

    • Angie Woodward says:

      Definitely, THE Queen!

    • Xcala says:

      “Living for” a D List reality star. Ok.

    • kathleen mccarty says:

      she stuck up for her partner, the man she loved. It’s hard to see clearly when you’re in it. She isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t make her any less amazing or grown up. I feel like we also sometimes forget how long this show has been on, she’s grown from when she first started for sure, and now without the dead weight, it’s only up from here for her!

    • faith borocz says:

      Idk she has not always been honest or fair

  6. K A says:

    8:27 You can see the tears in her eyes as she gets emotional hearing Andy’s appreciation of her.
    8:42 That hug from Andy! So loving and so solid. Yes, Ariana. You have ((HUGS)) from all of us. We love you!!!!

  7. alexisoverit says:

    *Ariana has had a rough go, but I think all of this was God’s way of giving her a road to happiness. Things worked out for the better and she deserves all the good coming her way*

  8. Alan Lopez says:

    This woman’s composure is so admirable. I’ve been a wreck from things that don’t have an ounce of significance compared to what she has gone through romantically. BRAVO! Ariana we are all rooting for you!

  9. Rainy Bard says:

    i give this girl all the credit. if i was in her shoes i can’t imagine how much of a disaster, depressed, mental wreck. She’s THRIVING

  10. Johnene says:

    She handled the whole show with class. ❤️

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