Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player

Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player

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20 Responses

  1. tipdub says:

    lol that man is a legend

  2. richardhalo says:

    240p…ahem … potato hd in 2015?

  3. doodr says:

    Lol. Props to that guy.

  4. Xuvial Sylvester says:

    Ahh, this gem must’ve been recorded back in the mid 2000’s ~looks at upload
    date~ THE FUCK?!

  5. Richard Jackson says:

    You know with my vision issues it looks like they have on a lift bra that
    shows off their boobies.

  6. HighFiveTRex says:

    Jeez, talk about on point

  7. Caleb Oliver says:

    What song is that?

  8. moresnare says:

    Ha, awesome!

  9. valdez87 says:

    And then they lost…

  10. kramler says:

    i love the footballer that joins. But the women are so much out of sync,
    that i cringe

  11. DonDolla11 says:


  12. Meraiah Browning says:

    Omg yes yes yes yes! Hahahaha this is the best

  13. stone1andonly says:

    That dude is a freakin’ lineman?! I’d think about giving him the ball if
    he’s got those kind of moves!

  14. Thomas Sawyer says:

    I liked the part where the Football Dancing Player came out. I didn’t see
    that coming.

  15. Gowthaman T says:


  16. Sam West says:

    so cringe worthy, does he really want attention that badly

  17. Cameron Gist says:

    I’ve never seen a man that large do splits that well! Dude’s just full of

  18. Adam Celadin says:

    Killer :D

  19. WhiteKnitter says:

    That guy definitely got laid that night!

    Though, I can’t say for sure whether it was pussy or not…

  20. Tyler Duda says:

    Michael Sam move over.