Arm Wrestle & Bench Press Challenge vs Zias!

Arm Wrestle & Bench Press Challenge vs Zias!

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45 Responses

  1. I’m_justJr says:

    Bangerrrrrrrrrrrrsssss only. Cash Let’s goooo This video will pay a lot of bills 😂

  2. Scar says:

    Everybody Gangsta, till Zias busts out the Elmo laugh

  3. Patindo says:

    Salute to Kenny for helping out with the bills

  4. Icy Illusionz says:

    Zias and KSI got the most contagious laughs 😂

  5. TTK SpxnDaBlxck says:

    Zias Laughed the Entire Video and It Was A Banger

  6. Keng Lee says:

    Cash trying his hardest not to lose too fast to make the vid 10 minutes

  7. Rap Junkie says:

    “i’m on a perk right now” zias wild fr 😭😭

  8. King CSG says:

    Zias and Cash have achieved HOF intimidator in this vid

  9. Ryan Swaze says:

    I still have nightmares of him doing 4 plates on each side 🤯

  10. Kenny Chao says:

    It’s lit there 😎🔥

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