“Augmented human C4-621 has awakened.”

ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON makes planetfall August 25, 2023.
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37 Responses

  1. XenobyteZX says:

    They were NOT lying when they said the boss battles were gonna be huge, this is awesome!

    • SspliF says:

      @星ザイダン this is not a souls like in the slightest

    • Fernando Zavaleta Bustos says:

      New Armored Core VI details via PS Blog:

      • Plays different from Souls – same smooth, responsive controls
      • Multiple story endings; new paths open up on subsequent playthroughs
      • Assault Boost ability instantly switches between long range and melee
      • Long range: bazookas, gatling guns, split missiles, plasma rifles and more
      • Melee: Cluster bomb thrower, chainsaw, pulse blade, lances and more
      • Stagger meter confirmed
      • Movement speed between AC3 and AC5
      • “Rich variety” of bosses and other mechs
      • Focus on customization
      • Custom paint jobs

    • Kn Mustafa says:

      Is my music good fam ?? be honest

    • Anhilliator1 says:

      @Aereto >insert your average Arms Fort here

    • chalkwalk says:

      Starseige would like to have a word with you. You may have heard of it’s spinoff games “Tribes”.

  2. Soulgamer says:

    The scenarios look INSANE on this game. The sheer scale of everything is beyond bonkers. So excited for this game

  3. CasePB says:

    This game will revitalize the mech genre. I can’t wait to play it and see what others create in its wake.

  4. SuccMunkey says:

    The only company that keeps me hyped for every release! AC is gonna rock!

  5. Radagast says:

    I remember spending hours and hours playing the older games on PS2 back in the day. This looks so good!!!

  6. Sean Sargeant says:

    I’ve been waited for Armored Core to make a return and Armored Core Vl Fires of Rubicon looks damn good.

  7. Handsome Zack says:

    Fromsoft been playing the long game; making an incredibly popular genre of games, building a loyal fanbase of millions, going out of their way to make a game of the year… all to get us interested in the armored core series.

  8. yokai1235 says:

    i like the fact that the legs completly change the movement with quad being like ac4 treads are like 5 and regular legs are basically a in between with a similar style to ac3

    • Shirakani says:

      THIS! TOTALLY THIS! This comment is so underrated it’s actually sad… This is something only fans of the OG games will notice and the fact so few noticed is what’s sad…

  9. David McCall says:

    I’ve been playing Armored Core since its US debut in October of 1997, and I can’t begin to describe how happy and excited I am to see this series return and in such a BIG way. As a new dad, I am extremely hyped to be able to boot this up with my son in a few years and get hype all over again while building new Hounds with him. Thank you, Bandai Namco, from hype ass Dad.

  10. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This looks stunning! I never got into the old AC games, but I remember having on on a Demo Disc for the PS2! Had a lot of fun with it lol

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