Arriving At My Brand New Team In Japan

Arriving At My Brand New Team In Japan

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31 Responses

  1. BeBoChamp says:

    I feel like Japan gives the kind of respect to baseball that true baseball fans feel baseball deserves.

    • Brian Conlogue says:

      Right? You saw when he went shopping how happy fans were to meet him when he just signed to play there

    • Bobby Brendle says:

      You can’t explain to haters man. We know how fast they will be calling

    • A Rottie says:

      @Moist Marshmallow Watch how fast that respect comes back after dominating in the NPB for a season! Starting pitching is everything in MLB!! They will be calling!

    • Fabio Long says:

      @Moist Marshmallow True but I think he’s making the best of the situation that he’s in. I think he’s very lucky to play pro still even though it’s in Japan. The MLB teams just didn’t want to deal with the media headache that Trevor would bring. And it’s not because of his skill.

  2. Negative J says:

    Dude, I am so glad they gave you this opportunity. New country, new adventure, new start. I believe you still got it in you to become one of the best pitchers in the game today! Best of luck from The Netherlands

  3. phillyflyers27 says:

    The passion that Japan has for real baseball makes me want to visit.

  4. Robbie Hyde says:

    I don’t think some people realize how good these vlogs are going to be in Japan. Awesome content!

    • A Rottie says:

      @rhyde, agreed. As long as they are receptive to him filming in the club house & around the grounds!? Guess time will tell.

    • John 2000s Baby says:

      @RDD2 DeVore they probably dont care since they got money


      the content finna be fire

    • RDD2 DeVore says:

      Trevor hasn’t had to break in gloves and playing catch is still the best way to break in a glove. Steaming or adding water at 170+ degrees will break your glove in faster, but it will also shorten the life of the glove.

    • Philip Coristine says:

      Agreed! I lived in Japan for 25 years and have returned to Canada recently and I’m a huge baseball fan. I think he did his time and I wish the Blue Jays had had the guts to sign him because their rotation is pretty crap.

  5. Ramfer Lopez says:

    Its crazy to actually see how it is for an MLB player how he does everything as a normal person. Thanks Trev for giving us this in-depth vlog of your life, can’t wait to see you on the field!

  6. Doobie Lawson says:

    This is interesting as it gives us a feel for what the foreign players face when they come here. I love how respectful the Japanese are. Good stuff Trev.

  7. Sam Pilcher says:

    Words cannot explain how badly I want to visit a sketchy Japanese alleyway baseball store now

  8. Otty Made This Beat says:

    Anybody else just genuinely happy watching this, seeing how loved he is overseas already and his journey of learning a new lifestyle in a new country

  9. Aaron Kern says:

    All the people at the mall saying “thank you, do your best!” Was adorable and I can’t wait for Trevor to know some Japanese so he can surprise them

  10. Alex Zamora says:

    Now I understand why Japan win WBC, the amount of knowledge the store employee had down to the smallest details was really cool.

    • Alex Alvarez says:

      Japan national sport is baseball. High school baseball is huge where the whole country follows. Nothing like the u.s. you need to watch the baseball anime

    • Matthew W says:

      In California we have a few small baseball stores still. It’s just less common now

    • John says:

      @minato808 No no, it’s a club tournament, not country. Doesn’t matter who is from where. If the Yankees win the MLB championship they qualify for the World Series.

    • minato808 says:

      @John Well if you can find an MLB team with only American born/naturalized players on it sure.

    • John says:

      @James Naylor Not exactly like the Champion’s League. Like the LLWS. All in one place. Change country every year though. You could have 2-3-2 though, but that’s a lot of flying. Would need 3 days break. So a series could take two weeks.

      The World Series trophy should to the winner.

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