Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports

Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Arsenal and Chelsea during Premier League’s Matchweek 23. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Arsenal #Chelsea
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Arsenal v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 1/19/19 | NBC Sports

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60 Responses

  1. Noe Donis says:

    MISSING: Eden Hazard *last seen against Liverpool in September*

  2. Savvy Den says:

    Much needed Arsenal Win

  3. Samy Awwad says:

    Welp… that was unexpected

  4. Avirudh Kaushik says:

    London is RED !!

  5. TheFnames says:

    I think Sarri putting Hazard at striker is the stupidest management decision I’ve seen

    • KevinoLatino says:

      I think he’s trying to make him into a Mertens type player but idk that’s just my theory

    • Derekchangedyou 1 says:

      Easy to say that in hindsight fool

    • HemiGaming: PF Gameplay says:

      +Octavian Hubbabuba Thats not the point. I’m literally just saying that Messi has played a false 9 position and has done extraordinally well individually.

    • Steeve Cantave says:

      Stupid? The greatest player of this generation, who is actually less physically imposing than Eden, played as a number nine. The reason Chelsea are having problem is that the surrounding players are obviously nowhere near as good as Barca’s, and most importantly, Hazard doesn’t want to play there. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong playing a non-burly, skillful player through the middle.

    • Steeve Cantave says:

      +HemiGaming: PF Gameplay To be honest, if a football doesn’t know that Messi played through middle for Barca, then I wouldn’t argue with that person.

  6. Alvin J Agolla says:

    I wonder how many ppl are mad about the result so they can’t hate on arsenal haha. Go hate on real Madrid now you trolls

    • Diamond Wentz says:

      Alvin J Agolla well man united caught up to them in one of United’s worst starts to a season in recent time and Arsenal’s BEST start to a season in recent time that’s just embarrassing ?

    • Jefferson Huang says:

      What you got against Madrid? Hazard is dying to come over ???

    • Kamsi Ben Agu says:

      +Diamond Wentz so arsenal had a good start and a bad run recently and Utd had a bad start and a good run recently. That’s why they are level on points for now but Utd will drop off after they play arsenal away.

    • GunnerSol says:

      +Kamsi Ben Agu don’t waste your time on idiots. We started well and got injuries and fell off and United started poor and picked up form later….Its not rocket science

  7. AVE - says:

    Koscielny’s shoulder>Hazard

  8. markiian says:

    get well soon hector

  9. David Ellis says:

    London belongs to Arsenal ! The Gunners have the ? to the city. Chelsea , have the Blues..

  10. Jesse Simpson says:

    How can this be extended highlights if you skip the entire second half lol

  11. Pierre AUB says:

    look at Laurent and Socrates neutralize Giroud

  12. Daniel Segura says:

    Suraj….where are thou?…

  13. Brando St says:

    Koscielny is what our defense needed. Definitely the hardest working defender we have. It’s a shame he was injured for half the season. I hope he stays healthy and we keep winning and finally break into the top four. Very competitive top four this year. Going to be exciting end of season this year

    • ParallelgamingHD GD says:

      Too bad that he is 33 years old

    • JSmugglers AKA YellowTeeth AKA KungFuManiac says:

      It’s time to move him on. Heart is great but more technique speed and less injuries needed. But he’s been an outstanding servant for the club.

  14. Le Jeo says:

    David Luiz is a beast passer. He would be better suited in the midfield imo

  15. Greyson Wayne says:

    Hazard as a striker? Weird..they do need a striker but come on lol

  16. Travissaur says:

    Koscielny’s goal gives me chills. Just think about all the stuff he went through and then to finally get a goal after all that.

  17. Frank Danso says:

    that second goal with the shoulder is spectacular. I have never seen a goal like that . Come on guys, give him some likes if you agree.

    • Anish Lahiri says:

      Frank Danso yeah i wouldnt say spectacular id say extremely lucky. He was trying to head to the other side of the net and kepa caught that, but he missed and the ball caught his shoulder.

    • Anthony Lee says:

      Anish Lahiri he still adjusted well by turning his whole body

  18. achaarpickler says:

    Sokratis is a beast and Koscielny is the best leash for that beast…. COYG……

  19. jose cuervo says:

    I like sokratis attitude. Celebrating winning a tackle as important as scoring a goal. Bravo sir.

  20. Therealcurrymaster says:

    Imagine if Aubameyang’s bicycle kick went in

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