Arya vs Brienne Lightsaber Duel | Game of Thrones + Star Wars

Arya vs Brienne Lightsaber Duel | Game of Thrones + Star Wars

Arya Stark fights Brienne of Tarth making for an epic Lightsaber duel.

I do not own the content in this video, Game of Thrones is property of HBO. This is a non-commercial fan edit.

Adobe After Effects CS6
Sony Vegas Pro 12

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20 Responses

  1. Gabe P says:

    Been waiting for this!

  2. KageNoMi says:

    Better than the duel in episode 7

  3. Xyd Xyd says:

    Should of made the dagger a small purple light saber

  4. Simon Vendetta says:

    1:13-1:18 Lady Stoneheart

  5. Lord Vader says:

    Bullshit the dagger aint a saber

  6. Alexander Broderick says:

    Take out the sword sounds on clashes

  7. VikBox123 says:

    m ur bigst fan

  8. Haluk Bugra Karatas says:

    Tarth sidious

  9. lone wolf xu5 says:

    Knew this was coming. Came faster than I thought.

  10. J'suis pas venu ici pour souffrir Ok ?! says:


    Podrik is not a Jedi

  11. Савва Валевский says:

    -Who taught you how to do this?

  12. SPOILERINO says:

    Just wondering, is it fine If i have been working on this same project for a week now and post my version too? 😀 Its a completly different one 😀

  13. Anime Guru says:

    Didn’t remove the sword clash sounds

  14. TheChosen2030 says:

    brienne should have a red lightsaber. she is evil. she nearly killed the hound. she killed the one true king stannis the mannis

  15. Jacob Reed says:

    Laser swords make this fight more realistic…

  16. Sumikee says:

    The fights in the original trilogy were too rigid. The ones in the prequel were too choreographed. If it was done like in the video, that would be awesome.

  17. Night King says:

    You have no ideea how much I’ve waited for this

  18. boxertest says:

    Purple lightsaber hmmm Arya is a Sith Lord as well as a Ninja very interesting 🙂

  19. Andrew Levin says:

    Arya’s using form 2. Only Star Wars nerds will get that.

  20. ZeoWTF says:

    Impressive, Arya has the same style as Count Dooku

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