AS Roma 2-1 Porto: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

AS Roma 2-1 Porto: Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals and Best Moments

AS Roma had Nicola Zaniolo to thank for a 2-1 lead over Porto after the first leg of their Champions League Last 16 tie with Porto.

Zaniolo scored twice for the Italian team before a goal from Adrian Lopez kept the Porto in contention.

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66 Responses

  1. Cruz Florero says:

    Porto got the vital away goal, so they have a good chance of going through at home

  2. Pro Gamer1 says:

    Are the champions league episodes ever coming back ??

  3. Juan Ruiz says:

    Casillas still has it in him

  4. Al Bert says:

    Casillas still the GOAT ?

  5. Yes No says:

    Casillas has to be in the next team of the week in fifa

  6. Lazio _7 says:

    Casillas still has it!
    Edit-It’s a shame he got scored on twice though.

    • JP says:

      Lazio _7 only so much a keeper can do it’s like Howard’s 16 saves in the World Cup

    • Anton Giulio Pagano says:

      Stai zitto e pensa a guardarti le tue partite di giovedì

    • Lazio _7 says:

      @Anton Giulio Pagano Probabilmente vinceremo la partita di giovedì considerando che è allo Stadio Olimpico e abbiamo una squadra migliore del Siviglia e anche allora abbiamo ancora il nostro gioco lontano da casa.

    • Jabbathegamer says hi says:

      robertorolfo Cool story bro. How does a garbage team beat Barcelona 3-0 and make it to the semifinals of the Champions League? Also, Porto has been winless in 6 of their last knockout stage matches so good luck with that

    • Anthony Dominguez says:

      +Jabbathegamer says hi You’re acting as if Porto didn’t beat Roma at their home 0-3, even if Roma does go through they still won’t win the Champions League.

  7. Jovany Escamilla says:

    this was better than the manchester united vs psg game

  8. Vuyolwethu Vee says:

    Dzeko is a great striker???

  9. CineFutbol By Scarlos says:

    No manega or tecatito for Porto key players

  10. Jabbathegamer says hi says:

    Roma will win in Porto as well. We had a great game with Porto only on counter attack.

  11. Manny Cacho says:

    That Herrera shot could have been one of the top goals of the champions league season

  12. caFFEino says:

    Tecatito Corona!!!!

  13. Jackson Davis says:

    Zaniolo MUST stay with Roma. It’ll be good for all of Italian football.

  14. Luis Ramirez says:

    Imagine if Herrera’s shot went in

  15. Toby Gaither says:

    So sad that Madrid got rid of Casillas when he still has it in him for a couple more of seasons

  16. Shreddy Mercury says:

    Look out for that zaniolo IF on fifa lol

  17. Ryaan Zahidani says:

    3 goals in 10 minutes god damn

  18. justinlzy says:

    Inter Milan cries even harder, they let Zaniolo go for basically nothing

  19. Gabriel Garreta says:

    As a Roma fan I thought we played well, Edin Dzeko showed his class tonight once again. Zaniolo has grown into a superstar, but I am worried because Porto are good at home so this game is way far from over. I do think we are the better team but we are so inconsistent. I hope we can pull it off like we did last year!

    • Thien Tran says:

      Roma is never good when then lead 2-0 or even 3-0. It’s like Roma doesnt know what to do next after 2-0. This issue happened many times during this season. Chievo, Torino came back from 2-0 to a 2-2. Atalanta was even worse with 3-0 then 3-3.

    • Gabriel Garreta says:

      Thien Tran I agree, that’s why I’m worried but at the same time when it comes to champions league Roma tend to be more serious and play better. And listen I think after juventus any Italian would want Roma in ucl bc they actually don’t get out in the group anymore unlike Napoli who get out every single year or inter who pretty much threw it all away.

  20. jonaplan says:

    The real champion is Dzeko

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