Ashanti Talks Murda Inc, Relationships, New Music + More

Ashanti Talks Murda Inc, Relationships, New Music + More

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92 Responses

  1. Patrice says:

    QUEEN 👑

  2. Lavar Cole says:

    Ashanti still wifey 😍

  3. fallenprodigy23 says:

    She so fine she could get me pregnant

  4. M J says:

    Ashanti is so damn gorgeous 😩😍 she been on her grind…don’t sleep lml ‼️

  5. Mundhir Omar says:

    I’m here passing time, waiting for ES.

  6. charles mamabolo says:

    Wow she still looks hottttt

  7. Georgia Peach says:

    I love Ashanti 💜, I remember when she first came out I was like “who is this black woman looking all Indian and pretty 👄

  8. Anthony Bennett says:

    Ashanti…….. Prime example of BLACK DON’T CRACK!!!!! ShoutOut to all my Beautiful Black Queens in the 🌎……..

  9. Liyah Messiah says:

    Let’s be real here Ashanti may look good but her music ain’t selling. Nobody is checking for her or care about her music. That’s why she’s doing strip teases in some smokey club

    • C B says:

      Summer Tynes Nobody is selling these days. People stream music before they buy in this era. Regardless she’s still rich AF, selling or not. She already broke records. Her catalog of music speaks for itself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • C Hair100 says:

      u copied what Wendy Williams said

    • Summer Tynes says:

      C B lol Ashanti was always known as the singer on the chorus she has had a couple good song.. yes! how do u know she rich af?idk?? N if she is that’s great doesn’t change the fact no one is look for her music. She has been doing concerts have u been to one or heard any promotions for any .. I’m not saying she is a bad artist I’m saying like lil mama no one is checking for her songs that’s all

    • Summer Tynes says:

      C B n what records did she break … ?? Im seriously asking because I dont know

    • tab0108 says:

      You guys just be posting wrecklessly with no facts

  10. Liyah Messiah says:

    I cringed when she said fans. That sing;e ain’t charting or selling

  11. Steven St Victor says:

    Ashanti and Lloyd Banks should be way bigger!

  12. Open Season says:

    Charlamagne needs to go on Everyday Struggle

    • DC_amp88 says:

      yea they have. I’m tired of ppl comparing a radio show to a hip hop debate show and wanting them to come on each other shit. YTF would Everyday Struggle come on here? and Vice Versa? Unnecessary and ppl just want it for the potential drama. This generation is full of gossip and drama loving bitches

    • Shay Caldwell says:

      Yeah that would be full on drama

    • Nathiya Prakasah says:


    • Appletide says:

      DC_amp88 “this generation is full of gossip and drama loving bitches” yet here you are in the comments section of the breakfast club. You are one of those gossip loving bitches too lmaoo

  13. Cakeandsum Rosesplease says:

    Charlamagne is reeeeally starting to get on my fucking nerves. There was no reason for him to bring up rape culture while Ashanti was trying to explain her movie. He’s coming off so damn fake and forced nowadays.

  14. Keith Jr. says:

    Black women are the BEST 😍👑🌹

  15. The G-Listed says:

    I wish she was asked what she thought about Wendy Williams’ comments about her and Joe Budden

  16. ThePrincessShow says:

    I’m glad she told CTG why she blocked him other than what Chilli did

  17. Keep it 1k says:

    Say less is philly shit y’all always stealing let me guess y’all started in my bag too and Jawn

  18. Jovon says:

    Damn I love black women!
    You can’t blame us for wandering nomadically, when it’s so much beauty and variety to try!
    But I’m loyal though, JUST SAYIN goddamn look at this example above!
    Ashanti is GORGEOUS and VIGOUROUS

  19. Cameron Hailey says:


    • Cameron Hailey says:

      T D yeah, obviously but its part of it.

    • JourneysHeart says:

      Cameron Hailey im a libra and i been with my husband 9 years… and we both libras

    • Cameron Hailey says:

      20 Dollar Gold Piece DANG…..I’VE MUST OF ASKED FOR YOUR OPINION.

    • Cameron Hailey says:

      tpamel We are not supposed to be together, because they can’t emotionally handle us. SCORPIO is water sign and LIBRA is air; LIBRA Isn’t capable to go down deep emotionally with SCORPIO’S. And instead of breaking up with SCORPIO, Libra continues the relationship and start CHEATING; Leading the relationship on pretending nothing is wrong. DOING that will get you STUNG & CUT OFF. Libra aren’t loyal in intimate relationships However they are LOYAL in FRIENDSHIPS. ASHANTI EX NELLY WAS A SCORPIO……THERE NO LONGER TOGETHER.

  20. Hot Fries says:

    Ashanti love you girl 😘

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