Ashley Benson and Jimmy Snapchat Simultaneously

Ashley Benson and Jimmy Snapchat Simultaneously

Ashley Benson and Jimmy try their hand at a “Simul-Snap.”

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Ashley Benson and Jimmy Snapchat Simultaneously

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20 Responses

  1. cosmosis says:

    lmao this was wack but ashley benson got that good butt

  2. sabrina furlong says:

    whats wrong with you people in the comments she gorgeous and both talented
    why hate on her jesus

  3. Michael Choe says:

    their snapchats’ seem so boring.

  4. OZONE says:

    so many ugly blondes in Hollywood nowadays!

  5. DanellaFYI says:

    She’s so pretty but her makeup that day was kinda effed up

  6. Alexandra Koenig says:

    what an awkward encounter…..she looks so over it…this is why i don’t
    like watching interviews of characters i love she’s so the opposite of
    hannah marin and it’s dragging my spirits down

  7. Gemma Sutton says:


  8. Toroborn says:

    Im in love O:

  9. ioana says:

    0:04 wtf?

  10. Dangerous Harmony says:

    damn everyone in the comment section are saying such mean and cruel stuff
    about her…. like seriously get a life.

  11. .The Letterheads says:

    At first i was like wtf ashley benson, but now I kinda think kudos because
    as much as i love this show its SO FAKE. No matter how prissy or bitchy she
    is or isnt, she was being content with herself in that moment and not
    acting in some way or another. Jimmy is always trying so hard to make the
    guest and audience feel comfortable to where i can easily tell when he is
    genuine and not. This show lacks opinions and just does whats best for the
    nbc agenda. Wow, that got deep quick!

  12. Clayton Derby says:

    I will never understand the snapchat hype… I think I am too old for this
    s—- o.O

  13. tootz1950 says:

    Like watching someone texting. Exciting.

  14. thekevinjc13 says:

    i’ve seen her naked

  15. Tiffany Cho says:

    my fav pretty little liar<3

  16. Firdosi Nizam says:

    She is usually a very lively person,like cmon she is a goddamn
    prankster…..but I think she is kinda tired on that so called “interview”
    I don’t blame her they’ve a pretty hectic job. And people complaining about
    her snapchat and Instagram thingy y’all should know that it’s also a part
    of her job smh

  17. Siara Chavez says:

    Oh my gosh she sounds nothing like Hanna irl

  18. Franchesca Escano says:

    why are people saying negative stuff about her and shay !are y’all mad
    they’re famous and actually can act? or that they’re beautiful?

  19. Acca 2699 says:

    All I see here is people filled with hate ?mai god

  20. Brenda Ibarra says:

    Was anybody else on snapchat when this happened