Ashley Judd speaks about mother’s passing l GMA

Ashley Judd speaks about mother’s passing l GMA

The actress told ABC News that it was important for her family to talk about what happened before things “become public without our control.”

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37 Responses

  1. peaches says:

    I could not imagine the trauma of finding my mother in such a way! The pain in her voice and her eyes is evident. I hate the fact that she had to disclose Naomi’s cause of death but unfortunately she had to before the tabloids said it and added more to it than probably wouldn’t even be the truth. My heart goes out to the Judd family. 😔

    • summerbreeze says:

      @Rebecca Lensbouer Thank you for reaching out and answering. After attempting suicide several times, which I feel was a cry for help, I no longer have that depth of depression. All glory goes to Almighty God because He finally answered my prayers for a baby and I could not put my son through the same heartache that Wynonna and Ashley are forced to live with. I pray for them.

    • Rebecca Lensbouer says:

      @summerbreeze she found her mother upstairs in her room from a self inflicted gunshot wound..😔😔

    • summerbreeze says:

      Ashley found her mother in what way?

    • shad0wCh8ser says:

      I hope she gets counseling. That’s not a sight any child would want to see.

  2. Klien Murollo says:

    The anecdote about her mother knowing all the staff at The Cheesecake Factory in town, and recommending the Walgreens staff member get a dog, and tipping janitorial employees wherever she went truly speaks to her heart and her legacy. Naomi made everyone feel loved and special. We all love her for it.

    • Lisa says:

      @Life’s Design My sister took her life 3years ago. It’s been really rough 😞

    • Life's Design says:

      Highest rate of suicide is by Psychiatrists so I have heard. My family doctor killed himself a few years ago and he was such a great man, he went above and beyond to help his patients and no one seen it coming. He died by his car in his garage.

    • lisa doxey says:

      With true, I mean really true depression, the most difficult thing is to feel the love from others. It’s like a wetsuit on a diver. You can swim through the beautiful waters but you can’t feel anything. It’s the heart and soul that doesn’t feel, not just the mind.
      How wonderful that Ashley absorbed what her mom could give. She should know that it’s probably what made her mom hang on as long as she could.
      Peace…comfort.. God.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree…

    • Sally Phillips says:

      She made everyone else feel loved and special but never felt that way, herself. Really heartbreaking.

  3. Irene Siwczyk says:

    She was seen, she was heard, and she was walked home…powerful message !

  4. Moni Rodriquez says:

    This is so sad, it’s a shame that a person ( family members) has to feel the need to come out to the public before a love ones autopsy report is Disclosed. She was in such pain. I feel for the family, I’ve always loved your family on stage, and I love you now, may she rest in peace the peace that she was searching for, for so long. And just know Ashlea that your mother really did love you.

  5. Valerie Moran says:

    Ashley speaks so eloquently on such a tremendously difficult, personal and heartbreaking situation. My heart breaks for her. I pray the public is respectful and allows them their privacy. The Judd’s deserve our admiration and respect. Naomi Judd was truly amazing, talented and generous. I did not know until Ashley shared it in this interview that her mother would routinely and quietly give $100 bills to those in need. A star not just on stage but in her humanity. Rest in peace.

    • Cat Whisperer says:

      @GringoFilet: Thankyou—you too!!!

    • GringoFilet says:

      @Cat Whisperer I agree. Wow! You had a lot to overcome. Glad you made it.

    • Danki Michael says:

      W CCTV

    • Valerie Moran says:

      @gringifilet: I found your troubling comment in my email, but it looks like you have been removed fron the chat. In response: If her daughters do not believe doing them harm was her motivation, you certainly should not. Clearly they know their mother much better than you. Please give people the benefit of the doubt. You would not like others who dont know you judging you and your struggles. I also suggest that you find a way to speak respectfully on this platform or I am sure YouTube will continue to remove your comments as they did here.

  6. Mark Schmandt says:

    I hope Dwayne at Walgreens gets a dog. This was such a beautiful interview and I admire Ashley and her family for taking control of the narrative. Ashley is absolutely right that the ‘gossip economy’ would have relentlessly pursued this information with no regard for Naomi’s dignity. As I watched this I kept hearing in my mind, ‘Honor they mother.’

  7. Kathy KB says:

    Kudos to Ashley for having the strength and courage to do this interview. Especially so soon after the fact. I hope the family can heal from this, and will somehow be able to move on.

  8. Jackie A says:

    Ashley is so empathetic and knowledgeable. Truly special.

    • Fire Works says:

      Ashley had spoke about her own story she has a backbone she delivers for women she talks across America. I have a Harvey Weinstein story she love to hear . 😁

  9. Andrew says:

    They are all three honestly so eloquent with their words. Just really classy people who shouldn’t be going through this or have to explain this. 💔

    • HailRider says:

      You seem to have forgotten her words on the podium from 2016-2020. Not very eloquent nor classy.

  10. Deb says:

    My heart breaks for these daughters grieving the loss of their beloved mother. They were not prepared for her passing this way and will need to heal. I lost my dad in a car accident. Suddenly without warning they are just gone. My mom had Alzheimer’s and died slowly piece by piece and her passing was more of a release. I hope they see their moms passing as a release and are comforted by that. Prayers for the family.
    Her memory will live on in the hearts of her fans and thru her music. Never forgotten Always remembered with love.

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